Thursday, January 14, 2010

Welcome New Followers and a small project

 I have to show you a little project I did real quick last weekend.  I was inspired after seeing a picture Claudia at posted of a bench in her kitchen (you can take a peek at hers here-  )  I just adore the 3 separate cushions with 3 separate fabric patterns, so I borrowed her idea for the bench in my porch.  I had to crop the picture to show just the bench because I didn't want all of you to see the mess of tools on the floor and on top of the cabinet that my hubby has going on right now!  My porch is pretty rustic- it needs some TLC still.  I have it decorated in red, white and blue so I did the same feeling in the cushions.  Thanks for the great inspiration Claudia!!

I also have new followers to welcome today- hoo ray!!

I have four new followers to welcome today- Bernard the Bear and I are so excited to see you all!  Thank you all for stopping by- I LOVE meeting new friends!!

Marit is from     I came across Marit's blog while blog hopping and it is wonderful.  Her most recent post has her working on a miniature conservatory- I love the weather vane she made to add to it!  Hop over and say hello to her!  PS- Love your precious kitty Marit :)

LA from has also visited me.  She loves dollhouse miniatures- and lots of other crafts also!  If you go backwards a bit on her blog you will see some beautiful pastel pictures she has done- but Bernard was especially excited to see that she has a bear dollhouse.  He knew there were other bears out there!!  I look forward to following your blog- looks like we share a lot of similar interests!

Next is  What a beautiful blog!  She is from Grenada- the flowers in her yard- wonderful!!  She's starting a new project in her yard I believe and I am very curious- will it involve more beautiful flowers?  will it involve building a structure?  Now I must follow along to see!  Thank you for visiting me !!!

The fourth new follower is Karina from  What a magical blog this is!  Karina is a writer and she has a constructed a miniature mansion for mice that illustrates her childrens book about the mansion.  You could look at the pictures for hours and I still don't think you would take in every detail- what a large labor of love and a magical little world she has created.  Even if you are not a dollhouse miniaturist- you have to take a look at her blog- it will speak to the child inside of you and melt your heart.

Thank you new followers for visiting!!!


Jenny said...

Neat project. I love the welcome new followers idea! That is really sweet of you! Stay warm!

Claudia said...

I love it, Kim! I'm honored to have inspired you, my friend. It looks fantastic!


AminaShk said...

Wow.. U made those 3 cushions in one weekend? I love them.

Jill said...

Those cushions look so great!! Love them! I'd love to have a bench on my front porch with that same idea... maybe someday...

Papillon Bleu said...

Kim!!! 't think you've noticed but you have formed the French flag with your cushions!!!!

Zom said...

Miniatures are fascinating.
thanks for visiting my blog. and if you do decide to post some of your pages, please give me a heads up!

sunshine said...

Four new followers!!!!! *angry eyes*

Love the cushions. I wish that I had a front porch. :(
I just love older homes... sigh.

There is an award for you on my blog. Just cause I think you're so awesome.... :D

P.S. Welcome to Kimmy's 4 new followers! :D

sun flower baby said...
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