Friday, January 22, 2010

Superior Scribbler Award!!!

My wonderful friend Laura at Love At Home has given me an award!  Thank you so much Laura--and let me say that it is great friends like you that make me love blogging sooo much!  You make me laugh at least once every single week and you always understand when I email you privately to vent on my life- I could not ask for a better friend, I just really, really wish you lived closer to me!!

I am supposed to list 7 things about myself that you might not know.  This is getting harder because I have had to do this before for other awards so now I starting to be forced to think!  Let's see....

1.  I cannot sleep without noise.  Usually it is the air conditioner or the humidifier.  If it is silent I CANNOT fall asleep- even if I am exhausted.

2.  I am a total cat person.  I love dogs too- but cats just speak to me- I think I may have been a cat in a previous life :)

3.  I worry.  A lot.  I worry if my family is mad at me or not. I worry if my comment on a blog is ok or if I have said something hurtful or stupid.  I worry about my husband when he is on the delivery truck.  I worry about if our furnace will keep working and if the well will dry up.  I worry about too much and every single day of my life I have to mentally tell myself to not worry so much- I struggle with it every single day- even after counseling.

4.  One of my favorite places to be in the entire world is sitting in my garden pulling weeds and watching the birds feed their babies in the birdhouses like they could care less that I was there.  (OK- you might already know that one)

5.  When I was a little girl I had to put my finger in my belly button when I sucked my thumb--even if I had a snowsuit on!  Now I cannot stand to even have my belly button touched!

6.  I love a cheese, onion and mustard sandwich.  My husband thinks it is the most disgusting thing in the world :)

7.  I wanted to be a teacher "when I grew up" but life steered my path in a different direction.  Looking back now I am not so sure I would have made a good teacher- I am painfully shy in real life.

Whew- that took some thought!  Now I am to give this award to 7 bloggers I think deserve this award.  I think this is hard because everyone I follow has wonderful blogs- how do we limit the number?  I am desperately late in posting this award so I am giving this award to all of my followers- because....honestly- if I follow your blog I am reading your blog and I think you are awesome!

I'll be back tomorrow with the project of the week.  I am finished with it, but I wanted to add a bit more, so no picture until tomorrow :)


Xuxana said...

Congrats on getting this award! You deserve it, you're so creative!

Briarwood Miniatures said...

Kim, we sound very compatible! :P

sunshine said...

You're a weirdo. ;P
That's why you're on my blogroll so don't worry bout it. :)

What's this crap about me only making you laugh once a week??!!! I thought it was everyday! :D

I'm not sure how I feel about that sandwich. Hmmmm....


Papillon Bleu said...

Tell me the onions aren't raw!!!

beyondbaffled said...

Congrats and your #3 sounds a lot like me right down to the counseling part. I think blogging helps (and working on my crafts) to clear my mind even if it is just for a little while. Here's wishing you some peace of mind as well!

Kim said...

Xuxana- thank you! you are so sweet!!

Laura- usually more than once a week, but you have had a couple of serious posts lately and I didn't want to seem rude :)

Patricia- sorry- yes- raw. I love onions sooooo much- more than most humans I think- raw, cooked, does not matter. The hubby thinks I would probably like them on ice cream- although I think that might be too far even for me!

Jessie- so good to know I am not alone! I wish the same for you ♥