Saturday, January 9, 2010

Project of the Week

I finished my project for the week.  When I started this project I never thought it would take so long- it looked simple enough.  I worked on it a little each night after work and then I had to spend part of my Saturday to finish it up.  This is from a book by Kelly Rae Roberts : "Taking Flight:  Inspiration and Techniques To Give Your Creative Spirit Wings" .  The project I decided to tackle was the first project in the book.  I'm not going to give a tutorial since I am following instructions from the artist's book and I encourage you to buy the book if you find the project interesting.  So, instead here are some pictures of my project--made from  two pages from the thick children's books you can get at the dollar store and scraps of fabric for the tags.

Here are the befores with the book covers and tags:


Here are pictures of each side of the pages and the tags after I had followed her instructions:




Finally.....Here is my finished project for the week, both pages tied together with the tags attached.  I have no idea what I am going to do with it- but I learned some good techniques and it was a fun project.

I also decided to amend my project of the week goal to include choices from tutorials from the internet I have bookmarked.  I have a ton of mini projects I have saved to try out  too.
Tomorrow I choose a new project, clean the fridge(ugh), and start to shingle the dollhouse roof for Bernard the Bear.  I am horrible at shingling, but I have been paying attention to all of the more experienced miniature artist's blogs, and I am determined to do an excellent job.  I'll have some pics tomorrow so you can see how I'm doing- as well as some new followers to welcome- running a little late on that!  See you tomorrow!!


sunshine said...

I was looking at the before pic's thinking they were the finished project ... I was like... okayyyyy.. that took her ALL week to do?? Hahah.

Wow! Gabby is going to have a heart attack when I show her what you did. Perhaps I'd better not. She'll expect me to churn something out like that.

Great job! I love it! You are fan-tab-u-lous!!!!


Zlatica said...

This project was worth that time. It´s amazing!

Dani said...

OMG Kim , how beautiful !!..can beleiev that it was a lot of work but the results are so so beautiful ...You Rock !! xx Dani

Papillon Bleu said...

I absolutely adore the CREATE page! well, I love all of them, but I think it is the colours that you've used.It is all so positive and warm. So you!
Love it!love it! love it!

Kim said...

Laura- ha ha ha! I bet you were thinking what a stupid project when you were looking at the before pics and thinking they were finished :)

Oh how I wish I could borrow Gabby for awhile :) Hugs back to you girl!

Thank you so much Zlatica! That means a lot coming from you since I adore your work :)

Dani- thank you! I think you would like this book a lot. You rock too! Have you worked on your angel?

Patricia- thank you!!! I used some of my favorite colors- what a great compliment you give me to say you can see the warmth of me come through my work. Hugs to you!!xxxxooooo!!

Deni said...

What lovely tags!
yourv'e done avrey lovely job of those

AminaShk said...

Wow.. I just love the tags. If I were you.. I would use then as bookmarks, fridge magnets, hang them near my desk.... in short.. always keep them in sight :D

Tallulah Belle said...

ooooh pretty.

A project of the week huh...any mini flowers in there :-)

I hear Bernard has a liking for daffodils !