Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Look Waaaay Back Challenge and a new follower!!

I have a new follower to welcome today, but first I wanted to participate in the challenge going around that I saw over at Doreen's blog .  Here are Doreen's instrucitons- I LOVE this- how fun to see what we looked like as children!

I challenge you to find a picture of yourself as a child and post it on your blog.
There are no rules to follow or a required number of people to pass it on to. Just have fun and "pass it on"!

I have 2 pictures to share.  Here I am on my Mom's lap as a child.  I blacked out Mom's face because I think she would be horrified if she saw me put her pic up on the internet- even if she was pretty good looking :)

Here is my second picture.  This is a  year I decided I wanted pigtails for my school pictures and I was going to do them myself.  My Mom could not talk me out of it and she still gives me a hard time to this day about this picture- possibly the worst school picture ever.  This is a birthday card she sent to me- I think for my 38 or 39th birthday---see, she's still giving me a hard time about it after all these years.  She pasted my picture over the face of the cute little girl with the cute pigtails on the front of the card :)  I'm smiling- so maybe pigtails really are just about as much fun as your hair can have :)  The green strap in the picture is from my groovy handmade polyester jumper.  My Mom made all my clothes when I was a child.  I loved them too.


I also have a new follower to welcome today.  I would like to welcome Cia from .  I found Cia from the All Things Mini website forums.  Cia is a dollhouse miniaturist and makes some amazing minis!  You can see some furniture and paintings she has done if you pop over to her blog.  Cia is also a children's author and a web designer.  You can find her artfire store here:  There are some amazing dollhouse miniature items and also some graphics she has for sale for your mini website.  Thank you for visiting me Cia- it is so great to meet you!! 


sunshine said...

I think your pigtails look great!
You were sooooooo cute!
Not as cute as me in my flower power pants but hey.... ;P


Claudia said...

Love those photos, Kim! You look adorable in the pigtails - I have some photos of my hair looking not so great...oh yes.


Tallulah Belle said...

Love those pigtails lol.

I was never allowed long hair as a girl... being the only girl amongst boys I always was given a boy cut. And by my grandad no less :-(

beyondbaffled said...

The wayback pics are such fun - that was the thing to do on facebook as well this past week it seems! I'll definitely forward on the wayback challenge as well. Love your pic!

thefabulousfarmhouse said...

I think it's so sweet of your mom to put your photo on the card. I also think it's cute that you show how independent some of us kids are:) Your photo tells me you were a fun friend to have. I see you haven't changed much.

Briarwood Miniatures said...

Thanks, Kim. :) You're a sweetheart.

Meli said...

Kim, you look so lovely!!! What a pretty little girl. Love the one on your mother's lap!!
Thanks for sharing!