Monday, January 18, 2010

LAMC Valentine Swap!!!

I'm popping in real quick today to tell you about the Valentines swap being held by Melayne over at LAMC.  I've copied the info right from Melayne's blog:


 ♥ This is a HANDMADE card swap! No store bought cards allowed ;) No one cares if you aren't the best at making stuff! This isn't a contest, it's just a fun swap and a great way to connect with other people in the blogosphere! You can send more than a card if you like, but you must send at least ONE handmade card, k?

US RESIDENTS ONLY (Sorry to my international friends :( It just makes things a little easier on me this go round. Don't fret though, I have more swaps planned for the future and a giveaway coming soon that will be open to everyone! Don't be mad at me *batting eyelashes*)

THE LOW DOWN: This swap is going to be done secret-santa style! In other words, you won't be sending to the person who is sending you a valentine. You will be sending to Susie and Susie will be sending to Jane and Jane will be sending to Rita and Rita will be sending to Melly Kay and Melly Kay will be sending to you. Get it? Got it? Gravy.If we don't have the right amount of people for it to work out evenly, I will be sending to the rest! Everyone is getting a Valentine no matter what, YAY!!

SIGN UP ENDS Friday January 22 @ 10:00 AM cst - Don't miss out!! 

I LOVE to get mail and this is a great way to get a special Valentine handmade with love.  If you are interested please pop over to Less Apathy More Cake to read more and sign up.  Click here to go right to the post to read more!  You can also click the link on the side there by my picture too. 


sunshine said...

Sounds like fun! I know that you will love doing this Kim!


Papillon Bleu said...

Great idea! but am no US resident.Shall I move to your house Kim for the occasion!Unless Bernard has a little place for me?