Wednesday, September 30, 2009


I have a couple of new followers to welcome today. I think I need a pretty picture for my welcome posts- that will be on my to-do list for this weekend.

First- welcome to Mary at

Mary is working on her first dollhouse- although she has also been working on an old china cabinet that she stores her minis in at the moment. I would love to see that cabinet Mary! Mary has bought The Laurel dollhouse and is lucky enough to share working on it with her grand-daughter April. What great memories they will be making. Mary has also played with polymer clay more than I have (so far-I'm going to be carving out some time to try my hand at some treats soon I hope) and her results with the clay are fabulous! There is some great miniature eye candy over at her blog so please check her out and say hello!

I also would like to welcome Lyndsey from

Lyndsey is very new to blogging and I think she needs some friends- so please, please welcome her as wonderfully as you have all welcomed me. I had so much help from everyone when I started and it was such an amazing experience.
Lyndsey is working on a dollhouse to reflect Princess Diana's home in the 2000's as if she were still alive. What an amazing and fabulous idea! I really look forward to watching her progress on her dream dollhouse. Lyndsey also creates dresses and room boxes in 1/12 scale, and also custom work for interiors- I think. I don't think she is meaning real life scale interiors. Welcome to blogging Lyndsey- very nice to meet you!

Thank you for visiting me ladies!!!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Here I am again. Last weekend we worked more on my closet doors. I meant to turn on the computer and post over the weekend, but we just kept working! They are still not finished, but there are doors now and I love, love, love them. My hubby bought a track and constructed these simple doors out of pine. I love pine- I love the golden color that comes out when you apply the poly. Now we have to figure out how we want to trim everything out. Next up is ripping down plaster walls (not a fun project, believe me. I am a nervous wreck while this is going on because EVERYTHING is dirty and dusty and there is no sense cleaning it up until the deconstruction part is over). After the plaster comes down one wall will get new drywall and 2 walls will get pine beadboard. We have pine on a lot of walls in our house- not everyone's cup of tea but it works wonderfully with my old farmhouse and my woodsy feeling of decor. I am sooo excited- I have "stolen" fabric remnants from my Mom's house to make additional bedding,curtains and pillows. I won't have my quilt on the bed every day because I have three cats and they have lots of hair they like to shed. I think that it will probably hang off the end of my bed- so I am going to recover my old comforter with a duvet cover that I am going to make. Soooo excited. My bedroom will look more like luxury hotel and so much less like bargain motel. I started cutting out fabric for a cushion for the window seat and you can see in the one picture I have started to sew it and piece it together. You can also see my "meow meow" kitty from when I was a child on that pile of pillows. So many special memories of "meow meow" kitty :) She used to be a co-star on the "kim and chuck" show in the hallway to the bathroom when I was young. (Chuck is my uber-talented bro- who does not like to be called Chuck, but rather Charles- but I can't make my mouth ever call him that- he is doomed to be Chuck to me-sorry bro). The Kim and Chuck show was based on the Donny and Marie show- possibly one of my most favorite shows when I was young. Okay- I better stop reminiscing and get some work done today- happy tuesday!!

Monday, September 28, 2009

Welcome and Jody's Etsy Shop

Happy Monday! I feel like the weekend flew past me again! I meant to turn on the computer and catch up with blogs last weekend and post about my newest mini, but time just got away from me.

First up, I would like to welcome a new follower today. If you have some time please visit Maria from:

Maria loves dollhouse miniatures too. She also has a passion for animals and has the sweetest dogs ever. The dollhouse she is working on right now is quite big- you can see it if you go further back in her blog. She just acquired some amazing furniture for the bathroom, you will see that in her most recent post. Thank you for visiting me Maria- it is very nice to meet you and I look forward to watching your progress on your dollhouse:)

Next, I have to tell you about my latest mini purchase. Jody from

has opened an etsy shop(in fact, that link will take you right to her blog post about it and you can see a much better picture of what I purchased-the color is off on my picture)

I saw the picture of the mountains and the Arkansas river and knew it would be exactly the type of painting Bernard the Bear would buy for his home. It is large for the scale of Bernard's house, but I wanted a BIG picture for his bedroom, and this one is perfect! I love it so much!!!!! Bernard is now sitting in bed eating cake and staring lovingly at his new picture of the river, which reminds him so much of his roots. He is wondering if he can get trout flavored cake. Jody also has other fantatic miniatures listed, as well as an amazing picture for your real house of the North Carolina River in thread. If I could afford it, that picture would be hanging in my real home right now. It is beautiful. Thank you so much Jody for this wonderful picture- I am so very, very pleased with it and Bernard gives it his stamp of approval too. Please visit Jody's shop and check it out for yourself:

Tomorrow I will post some pictures of the closet project. We are still working on the closets, but there are doors now and I am so happy!! I was too late this morning to snap the pics.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

dollhouse tea cozy

I can post a picture now that my gift has arrived with the recipient. This is the first dollhouse tea cozy that I have made. It is a little out of scale because I used 22 count fabric, but I am proud of it anyways- I even got out the graph paper and made the pattern. Since it was a bit out of scale I made a little clay teapot to go with it-also a first. I'm not too worried about the scale here because it went to my wonderful friend Patricia from and she makes amazing dolls and pastries in all scales. I knew she wouldn't mind if the scale was a bit off :) I am getting more and more practice and I even bought a piece of 28 count fabric to try a project on as soon as I finish the rug I am working on- so I am getting closer to the right scale! I can't wait to try another one!

Mail from The Netherlands!!

Yesterday I received the most wonderful package from my artful penpal friend Dani at

Dani lives in The Netherlands- I think some of my readers already know her. She is the sweetest gal ever and I really look forward to her letters. This time Dani sent me goodies along with her letter and they are fabulous! Dani made a little booklet out of envelopes- handmade!!! It is so beautiful- I really love it. To top that off inside the pockets of the envelopes were goodies for me! Little mirrors and bobbles to use in artwork, a lovely vintage dutch postcard, maps that show me where Dani and her family live(which I love and I am going to send the same back to her- what a great idea Dani!!) and my absolute favorite, a little tag with artwork made by Dani! I love it sooo much Dani- thank you!!!!! I almost forgot- she also included the cutest little day planner for next year too! You are the best penpal ever! I hope you are enjoying the cooler weather as much as I am :)

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

quilt and pillows

Here are some pictures of the other project I worked on last weekend. I added a piece of gold fabric behind the crochet in the pillow shams I bought. They are huge! I actually have 2 pillows stuffed into each of these- which is great because they are really nice for putting behind your back if you are being lazy and watching tv in bed. Not that I ever do that. LOL. I also cut, ironed and hand sewed a new binding to the quilt. I am not the most skilled seamstress- so things like this binding take me much longer than normal- but I like the new binding- it's chunkier and I took more care with sewing it so it looks a bit more professional. Now I just need to finish quilting it and I will actually have finished this 20 year old project. Anyone else out there have a 20 year old unfinished project? How embarassing! Maybe I can make myself feel better by thinking that a lot of people would have just tossed it instead of holding onto a half finished project for so long. I would like to say that I have been working on more projects, but I have mostly been studying for school- we have a test soon. When I have taken a study break it has been for the season premier of "Heros" and "NCIS" or to sew that blasted dollhouse rug. I hope I will finish that thing before Christmas!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Dollhouses and fall

I have tons of pictures today. First off, we will start with dollhouse stuff. Over the weekend I shingled the roof on Bernard's house. He has been sitting on the roof eating cake ever since. He says he is not coming down until the roof is finished. I hope he has enough cake- I don't think he realizes how long it takes me to shingle a roof. I also decided to redo the border in my kitchen in the flower shop dollhouse. I cut small tiles out of a cereal box and then handpainted them and glued them onto the wall. I see a couple places where I made mistakes, but overall I think it looks better than what was there and I am pleased with it. The last pictures are of my real house. Please keep in mind when you view them that the hubby and I are still working on remodeling our house. There is not one single room that is entirely finished- and you can see in a couple of the pics I am missing light plates and I still have ceilings half painted. Someday it will all be finished. I try to still decorate- if I waited till it was all finished I might never get to decorate for the seasons! The hutch has my dishes on it- I keep these out year round- I have just added the paper mache gourds. My whole house has pumpkins out here and there year round. I just love pumpkins:) I have a little bit more to show you tomorrow so stay tuned :) A special note to my friend Laura---hooooo-raaaay Fall!!!!!!!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Welcome and Ramblings

I have a new follower I would like to welcome today. Please visit Jolie from:

Jolie is another dollhouse miniature enthusiast (one of my favorite kind of people♥). She has a halloween magic and witches shop that she has just posted that is adorable! I love the little pumpkin out front that she made from paperclay and she has a link to the tutorial she followed too. Jolie is without a camera right now, but is hoping for one as a christmas gift. I am hoping she gets one too- I would love to see more of her miniature world- and the halloween costume she just made! Thank you for reading Jolie!!!

I was selfish this last weekend and I spent most of the weekend working on projects I have in progress. Of course, none of them were actually finished, but I am further ahead on all of them. I was so excited to take some pictures and post them on sunday- until I discovered that I left my camera at work. This works out better anyhow, because I think I shall post a bit of what I accomplished each day this week. Spread it out a bit, ya know- so it looks like I am soooo productive. :) Stay tuned tomorrow for pictures of Bernard the Bear's newly shingled porch roof. Yes- just the porch roof. That is all the shingling I could take in one session. Have I mentioned that I do not like to shingle dollhouse roofs? Hope you have an awesome day- I am back to the reality of the work week and I am not taking it well. I would much rather still be in my pajamas listening to crime tv and making dollhouse minis. See ya tomorrow :)

Thursday, September 17, 2009


I would like to welcome a new follower today- Maite from

Maite is from Spain and also loves dollhouse miniatures. She has some beautiful minis- and is building the most incredible house. It is huge! I am very jealous :) Maite is also excellent at dollhouse needlepoint- something I am slowly working my way at improving in. There is really so many beautiful pictures on her blog of her work- if you have time you should go take a look. I spent quite a bit of time drooling at her blog. Thank you for visiting me Maite!!! I am very happy to meet you :)

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Welcome and Last Weekend

I have a couple of new followers to welcome today. Please visit these ladies if you have time- they have wonderful blogs. First, there is Victoria from:

I stumbled across her blog and I am amazed at her craftsmanship. Victoria is building a dollhouse from scratch to resemble a traditional Russian tradesman's house. I am excited to watch her progress on this house- I think it is going to be mind-blowing!

I would also like to welcome Muriel from:

Muriel's blog is in french, but there is a handy translator right on her blog so you can read even if you don't speak french (like me- I really should learn another language some day). Muriel has the most beautiful dollhouse miniatures- I am not sure if she makes everything that she has posted, but I think she must make at least some of it herself and it is beautiful. I especially love the little bears in lacey dresses she has a little further back in her blog- they are so pretty and delicate!

Thank you for reading ladies!!

This last weekend I drove home to see my Mom and go to a birthday party for my nephew. It was wonderful because I was able to see all of my nieces and nephews in one trip and I got to hold both new nieces while I was there. One was born the end of June and the other the beginning of August. The party was great fun. I was able to see my grandma too- I have not seen her in a long time and I miss her in between visits. Sunday morning before I left my Mom and I went to the thrift store. I was trying to behave and not buy much while I was down there- but of course a couple of treasures called to me and I could not resist. I bought a set of amber glass jars. I collect amber glass jars- I love to store all the odds and ends in my craft room in them and I have a passion for brown glass. Typical Kim- what most people find ugly I find sooo beautiful. They were a good deal, so I had to have them- no chips or anything!! I also bought two crocheted pillow shams. Six dollars each!!!! You can't buy anything for that price anymore. I am going to slip the gold colored fabric you can see to the side on the picture behind the crocheted part so that the wonderful details stand out better against a colored background. I'll post a picture if it works- I hope I can get to it this weekend. I am pretty excited now to get to finishing that quilt- and get that closet finished! My other picture is of the latest package I finished up. It is all ready for me to take to the post office. Someone out there will see this show up in their mailbox sometime soon. Hope your week is going great!!!!!

Friday, September 11, 2009

Welcome, New closets, and Bernard of course

I would like to welcome a new follower today. While reading blogs yesterday I stumbled across Lori's blog:

Her dollhouse is exquisite! I love her stained glass windows on her Queen Anne and the craftsmanship on her house is outstanding! I decided I needed to follow her blog and I would like to welcome her to mine. If you have some time go check out her dollhouse- it really is amazing. Thank you for reading Lori!

I have a few pictures to share today. I am still busy working on some things to mail off- but I wanted to tell you that since Bernard the bear received his cake from Patricia at the other day I cannot get it away from him. He has now taken to bed with his cake and says that he may stay in bed with cake until spring. He is a bear- what can I do? I am proud of Bernard's furniture for his bedroom. I made it from one of the furniture kits they were selling with the half scale houses at Michaels. It is the first time I have "kit-bashed" furniture- and I would never have done it without the inspiration of so many of the blogs I read.
I also have some pretty embarrassing pictures of my closet. It is more to show that now one entire wall is closet- eventually it will have doors and be floor to ceiling built in. I had to put our clothes in there since we demolished the old closets to be able to build the new one. Very messy, I know- but the bedroom is a bit of a demolition area right now. You can see at the bottom where we cut the dresser in half and have drawers at the bottom of the closets. The other picture is to illustrate a bit what I mean about demolition zone. When we took the far closet out, the plaster on the back wall began to crumble and fall off. This is what buying an old house is like. Our walls in the entire house were either plaster or ugly 70's paneling. Our bedroom has not changed since we moved here 11 years ago. We have been busy working on all the other areas of the house and just "lived" with the bedroom. It is very exciting to me to be working on the bedroom this winter as I have always hated it and don't spend any time in there except to sleep. I started a quilt for the bed about 20 years ago( yes, I am properly ashamed that I have an unfinished project from 20 years ago- but at least I never threw it out). I dug out my quilt last night to take a photo of it. I am getting back in the car (ugh) and going to the cities tomorrow for a birthday party for my nephew and I hope to buy the supplies I need to finish up this quilt while I am there. We will be working on the bedroom all winter, as my hubby and I like to buy the supplies as we can afford them rather than pull out the credit card. Hopefully my quilt will get finished around the same time as the bedroom does. Maybe I will even get finished before the remodeling. You never know:)

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

where are the days going?

Do you ever have the feeling that you just cannot keep up? I wonder how this happens to me, since I don't have any children that I am running after. I have not hardly had time to read blogs, and I don't know if I can even catch up or I should just start over again. I have been busy-- I have been making three different packages to send out to friends, we are working on the built in closets in the bedroom (I really thought I was done with the whole "tearing out and sawdust and demo everywhere"), I have been trying to do some time on the "torture" exercise machine every day, I have been cleaning up the craft room, making spaghetti sauce with the buckets full of tomatoes we seem to be picking every couple of days. There's more going on besides that too. I keep thinking to myself that I need to slow down and take pictures and write wonderful little blog entries about each thing as I am doing it, but then I just never take the time or I don't want to slow down because I want to get things finished. I need a personal assistant!!! Okay--maybe I needed to vent and now complaining time is over. My hubby and I took an extra day off this past weekend and we went down to the twin cities to meet my new niece Gwen. She is the most beautiful baby ever. I wish I could share a picture with all of you- but she is not my baby and I didn't ask my bro if I could share her image. Take my word for it- she is perfect. After visiting with my brother for a bit we went to the Minnesota state fair. I think I probably ate back most of what I have lost- but since we only go to the fair about every 3 years or so it was really worth it. I ate french fries, cheese curds, chocolate chip cookies, pronto pup and kettle corn. A big sorry to my brother. I saw the fried bacon stand, but it just didn't appeal to me so I didn't eat any for you :( To say I spent that night at the hotel moaning and holding my tummy would be an understatement. The next day we went to visit my hubby's grown daughter and her children. The hubby has a daughter from his first marriage. Somehow, after doing all of that, driving home, doing laundry and cleaning up the mess from the first part of the closet project, my weekend was over and time for back to work. Oh...and homework! Did I mention I had homework to do this weekend too? I love homework :) Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend:)

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Papillon Bleu!!!

Thursday I received the most awesome, incredible and generous package from Patricia at !!!! My hubby and I were out of town for a couple of days (we went down to the state fair) and I just had to get on the computer and share what she sent me with all of you as soon as I returned. Some of these pictures are a little blurry- but a couple of them you can really see the wonderful detail and just how incredible the little pastries she sent me are. I could not decide exactly which project to use them in- so I am using some in all three scenes. I put some of the cakes in my dollhouse bakery, some in Bernard's farmhouse (yes, I know the counter is too tall- still in construction) and some of the cakes and smaller pastries, macaroons and cookies in the tea shop roombox. If you have not visited Patricia's blog, please go over and visit her. She makes these incredible mini pastries, she makes the most incredible, cute, sweet dolls and she is the nicest most wonderful person ever. Thank you so very much Patricia- I love all of them soo much and I treasure all of them :)

Edit: I had to come back in here and say that if I was not so tired I would have remembered to tell you that there are perfect little strawberries and orange slices and whipped cream and the detail is so amazing that I wish you could pick them up and look at them yourself. Also, a note to Patricia- I don't think the cake slice looks crooked at all and Bernard says it tastes delicious!!!!