Wednesday, December 16, 2009


I have some new followers to welcome- I am so very happy to see you all!!!

I would like to welcome my friend Cathy from
I know she has been reading my blog for awhile-I'm not sure if I have ever welcomed her before or not- so here is a BIG welcome just in case.  Cathy makes the most delightful miniature cakes, cookies, candies and display pieces for your dollhouse bakery.  You can find them at her website:
That link will take you right to the awesome things she has ready for christmas.  I met Cathy when I bought some goodies for my dollhouse bakery and I am so glad I did.  I feel like I have met a really great friend and I love to visit her blog- she writes of her life on the farm along with her family and her minis and I feel like we have a lot of things in common.  Thank you for being my friend Cathy!!

Next is the Miniaturists in Dollhouse Scale Etsy team blog.  Cathy had actually pointed this blog out to me and I started to follow them.  I am linking to their profile because there are a lot of awesome blogs to check out here if you love miniatures.
If you are just starting out in dollhouse miniatures this is a fantastic place to visit- there is so much info and help in these blogs and tons of eye candy and inspiration.

Aru from has also visited.  WOW!!  Aru works in very small scale- I am not sure what size-not so good at judging scale?  She has a series of mini scenes in votive/incense burners on her blog that are amazing!  Even if you are not a miniature hobbyist, you should take the time to visit Aru.  They are small works of art- like tiny paintings- I am in love with all of them!  If you have time go back to older entries- you won't be disappointed!  So glad you visited me Aru!!

Arantxa from is next.  She loves dollhouse miniatures also- there is a wonderful scene with Santa and his bag of toys that is created by her and contributing artists.  So sweet!  I cannot get my translator to work correctly on her blog- but the pictures are wonderful!  So nice to meet you Arantxa- I look forward to seeing more of your creations!

Last is Deborah from  I honestly don't know how I did not know about her blog!  I have to say, first of all, that I had to swipe right past her first page and go to the older entries because I saw the title "Five Star Swap" and I am not opening my box till christmas, so I did not want to see the items.  If you want to see what was swapped in the "Five Star Swap" I was in this year head over to her blog- just don't tell me what they were- I love to be surprised!   Deborah is a polymer clay artist-if you go backwards in her blog you will see some wonderful creations! So talented- love the dragons and turtles so much!  I can't believe I somehow missed this!  I am so glad you clicked the follow button Deborah- now I'll be keeping up with what you are creating too!

I always worry about how bloggers follow button shows up- if you recently visited and did not show up at the front of my list, please comment and say hello.  I would hate to miss the chance to meet a new friend!

Hope everyone out there is getting close to finishing their holiday "to-do" list.  Have a wonderful day!!!


sunshine said...

Welcome to everyone!

I still have TONS to do... Yikes! It's getting close now Kimmy Bear!


thefabulousfarmhouse said...

Hi Kim, yes ma'am I have been reading your blog and thanks for your welcome:) If you are stressed out and can't wait for xmas to be overwith then we have even more in common. Come on 2010! Anyway, Isn't the amount of information you can find on the internet amazing? What would we do without it? I'm glad you're decorating your minis for xmas, it makes me smile. Thanks for sharing photos!