Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Presents from my Pen Pal!!

I think I may have mentioned before that in 2009 I signed up for the artful penpal exchange.  I am so very fortunate and blessed that I did because I have gained the most incredible, kind, sweet, sharing, funny friend.  Dani- I am so glad we have become friends and I look forward to many years of us being friends.  I hope fate brings us to meet in person some day- how wonderful that would be!!

Dani ( her blog is http://theweirdworldofdani.web-log.nl/mijn_weblog/ ) drew and painted me the most incredible painting for Christmas.  I love it so much- I have decided to hang it in my bedroom right over my bedside table so that I see it every single morning.  Isn't it wonderful??

Here's a picture for Dani of it hanging in my bedroom- please pretend we finished painting the drywall :)  It is going to look so striking when we finish painting the wall blue!!

Dani also made a special trip to a dollhouse store to shop for Bernard and me!  I think this was her first time mini shopping ever :)  Here are the goodies she sent to us- I am so excited I can hardly wait for time for mini play! There is a miniatures magazine from The Netherlands that I forgot in the picture-so many fantastic projects- but all in Dutch :)  This is a good way for me to keep learning Dutch!  I love the magazine Dani! There is a little monopoly board game ( I think that will go in Bernard's craft room eventually- when I build it!), a pair of Dutch shoes (these remind me of a pair my grandma had when I was little- I used to put them on and walk around in them until I grew too big for them! ), a little lantern that Bernard has claimed for his house- not sure exactly where we will put it yet- but it is so cute- and a little ladder that actually folds!  I will be using this in Bernard's craft room also because he will have floor to ceiling bookcases of craft supplies and he will need the ladder to get to the top shelves!  The best item of all was a new friend for Bernard!!!!  We have named him Lester:)  Bernard and Lester are taking the time to get to know each other.


Of course, now I am thinking Lester needs a home.  I have been eyeing the bus kit on miniatures.com  This is their picture- I believe the kit is made by Greenleaf.  Wouldn't this make the greatest home for Lester???


sunshine said...

That is going to look so amazing there.
Lucky you!!!


Papillon Bleu said...

Good Lord!!!!It seems that you have been really spoilt for this end of the year Kim!!!But I guess this is what happens when you spread joy and love around like you do!
What goes around comes around.
Extra big hugs!

Dani said...

Thanks for the sweet words Kim, so nice to see my little presents at your place, i love the frame for the painting...you have a good taste !!, am so happy that bernard loves his new friend...am what a great idea the bus....i love it...i love VW busses...like hippie style...flower power ;)...pretty sure i'm going again to the store and find some more little presents who will come your way ;) xxx & Big hugs Dani

sunshine said...

Happy New Year Sweet Thing!!!


Papillon Bleu said...

I wish you a very happy new year 2010 my sweet Kim!
I am having a happy new year blog tour and it is ...time consuming but good fun!
I wish you to have more and more blog friends and even non blog ones ( they're aren't too bad).
I hope we will meet in the flesh one day. Truly.
Lots of love to you.And thank you for making me feel special.