Thursday, December 3, 2009

Peach Blossom Hill Goodies!!!!

Well......even though I have imposed a rule for myself that I don't buy stuff for me until after christmas, it seems I always break the rule somewhere along the way.  When Jody from posted some of the christmas dollhouse minis she finished for her etsy shop I just could not resist her beautiful christmas goose.  So, it seems I have bought my own stocking stuffer- the hubby likes it better that way anyhow-he hates to shop.  I took a couple of pics before I took him back out of the dollhouse  and wrapped him up for christmas.  Jody also sent some extra goodies- thank you so much Jody- you did not have to do that!!  There were some adorable holiday cookies and also some apples, croissants and christmas candy.  I could not get a good picture of the apples, croissants and candy- so hopefully I'll have a picture of that soon, but for now...take a look !!!  It's looking a little bit more like christmas!



If you would like to take a look at Jody's wonderful etsy shop click on over here:  She has the most awesome santa for your dollhouse too- had to resist buying him also!!  Before I go- I also woke up this morning to find that one of the amaryllis is blooming- gorgeous!!!   Hope you have a wonderful day today!!!


Melanye K. said...

cute goose ;)

Papillon Bleu said...

Hi Junebug!
it is nice to read that you are treating yourself, you deserve it after all your homework and lots of calls for delivery service!
Nice swan!(Not a goose Melanye!)

sunshine said...

That is very cute! I love it.
Your flower looks so beautiful too. I have a fake one of those that blooms all year long. ;P


Reisl Today said...

That goose is the best!! I love it! I understand the difficulties with trying to resist the temptation to buy for ones self.. hehe.. I have that breakdown often.
:) and I am sure I would suffer the breakdown for such a lovely goose.

Eva Prunella Grandiflora said...

What a very cute purchase!
I also had made the same purpose...but I bough myself a new watercolour set and i didn't even wait to open it...
I am hopeless!

Katie said...

What a beautiful flower!! And I love that little guy sitting next to it...Neat!

I saw that Goose on Jody site, and thought it was beautiful, too!! So glad it ended up with you!!

Papillon Bleu said...'re right it is a goose...
Hey!has Sushine changed her picture?

Meli said...

Kim is so pretty!!! Good shopping. I have the same problem can't resist when I see beautiful minis.

sunshine said...

Hope that you are having a wonderful weekend!
I just got done making a gingerbread house with the kids.
Uggggh... I need a drink!!!!! :D
Any wine left?