Monday, December 7, 2009

Papillon Bleu has a new etsy store!

My talented and sweet friend Patricia from has opened a new etsy store!!!

Patricia makes the most adorable dolls- if you have time please go check out her store----her dollies would make a wonderful gift for a little girl or a big girl!

Her store is very new and I know she would love to hear  your feedback  too!

I wish you much luck Patricia!!!  I love all the dolls you have listed!!!!  You should try some of your sweets on your store too- I am certain they would sell :)


Papillon Bleu said...

Thank you ever so much Kim! you are such a sweet heart!As always, you are always helping .
I don't know how to thank you.

I didn't have time to tell you that I love your Christmas tree!everything is so colourful! Haven't done mine yet.

Big hugs to you Kim!

sunshine said...

Congratulations Papillion!
Good luck with everything.


Kim said...

Patricia- I feel so bad- I should have done this post last so it showed up first on the blog and you had a little more exposure. I hope that your store does well- I have heard other etsy sellers say that it helps to re-stock a lot so your store keeps coming back to the front page- I'm not sure about this because I have never tried selling on etsy.

Big hugs back to you sweetie!!