Tuesday, December 1, 2009

A Game

A Game

This game is sent to me by Doreen and you have to answer 8 questions about yourself and pass the ball on to someone else. So here goes:

1. The names you are called:
Kimmy (not by many people, but a few special people call me this), Kim, Junebug- when I was little

2. Three items you are wearing now.
Jeans, comfortable- but ugly- shoes, bracelet from my sister that I never take off- they even attached it to me with a wristband during my surgery!  It's like a good luck charm.

3. Three things you did yesterday, last night and today.
Put up a few christmas decorations, worked on a handmade christmas present for my penpal Dani and started cutting out an apron for another christmas present- probably one of the few things I am working on right now that I will be able to share pictures of when I am finished because the recipient does not read my blog.

4. Two things that I have eaten.
Ugh.  Not eating too healthy right now.  Last night was tacos- at least there was some lettuce.  This morning was half an english muffin with peanut butter.

5. Two people I have rung today.
My husband because I work with him and he is on the delivery truck and the other delivery truck driver.

6. Two things I will do today.
Homework and finish my present for my penpal (hopefully- we'll see how long homework takes!)

7. Three best loved drinks.
Cinnamon tea, cranberry juice and I gotta say occasionally a strawberry margarita!

8. Three things I intensely wish.
I wish everyone that wanted a job right now could find one, I wish that my family would always stay healthy and happy and I wish that people would start to slow down and remember the old fashioned rules- like being polite, loving your neighbor, treating others as you wish to be treated.  I also wish that no child in the world would ever, ever go to bed hungry or cold.  Had to add the last one in- always stretching the rules:)

And the Ball Goes to: I think I will pass this on to Katie if she would like to play and to Mel if she wants to play---Thank you Doreen!!!  Very fun!  Please be sure to visit all  of these bloggers and say hello if you have the time- they are awesome gals!


Katie said...

I just left a comment, not to sure if it went through.....Just wanted to say I saw this and will fill it out in the morning:) Thanks for thinking of me:)

....lettuce and peanut butter, Yum!! LOL!!


Melanie Farrell said...

I agree with your 3 wishes :)

sunshine said...

Okay fine. Don't pass me the ball.
Bitch. ;P


Kim said...

hey- you pms mess- I was giving you a break.....You were my first thought, but I figured you would kill me if I passed it on to you. So......now I think you should play!!! It's fun- come on along and join me!!

Love ya girl :)

Kim said...

Katie- Thank you- I was hoping you would not mind playing along :)

Melanie- Thank you for stopping by!! You are sweet :)

sunshine said...

However.. I'm not going to play until tomorrow. I don't want you thinking I'm desperate for the bone you've so obviously thrown me.
I think I've got a new name for you that you could put in for your answer on #1. :D


Kim said...

Laura- Once again....what would I do without you around to make me laugh. So glad you are sticking with it chickie!!

sunshine said...

Haha! ;P
Well, of course I've already done it so ... you win!