Monday, December 28, 2009

Five Star Swap!!!

I am so behind!  I am feeling a bit under the weather- my apologies if I have not answered an email or comment that you have sent!  I had four days off over the weekend for Christmas and I have slept through much of them- I just cannot seem to shake this cold/sinus infection that I have!  I'm going to slowly try to catch up and the first post I wanted to make was about the wonderful gifts I received from Kathi's Five Star Christmas Mini Swap.  Kathi did a wonderful job organizing this swap and I would like to say a huge thank you to her!  First, I will show you what I made- I was so nervous about the 2 swaps I signed up for this year, but what fun it was!!

I learned some lessons in making this swap- most of all- I filled all the little punch bowls with the resin, but forgot to put the ladles in!!  I was so proud of not spilling that resin and making a mess too!!  I guess minis are the same as wood work- measure twice, cut once.  In other words- I'll be thinking my project through more clearly from here on out!  The little gingerbread men were buttons I clipped the shanks off of, but the house I made from chipboard and my very first ever polymer clay canes!  I forsee some clay playing time in the new year for me because I had sooo much fun making those houses!  I would love to try to make the entire house out of clay- but for this swap I was not sure I was skilled enough and I didn't want to run out of time :)

Now....on to the fabulous goodies I recieved from the swap!!! 
First, Kathi our swap hostess from created these beautiful items:

There is a beautiful little beaded wreath and beaded tree.  The picture does not show it well, but the tree has the cutest little star on the top.  There is an adorable basket of real pine cones, a white poinsettia in a natural wooden vase and a couple of dollhouse miniature magazines for Rose the flower designer to read on her days off.  I already have the blue items in my dollhouse bathroom because they match so well- I'm tempted to leave them there year round!!  Thank you so much Kathi- I love them all!!!

  Jill created the sweetest little plate of goodies for Santa and his reindeer.  I love the carrot so much, and the letter to Santa is so adorable!  Thank you Jill!!!  Love it!!!

Karin from made these next items:

 The picture does not do this justice.  There is a plate of goodies for the holiday- the orange is incredible!!!  The skin is textured and there is even the little nub on the end where it came off the tree!  Cookies and candies surround the fruit and there is a beautiful little holly wreath with sparkling garland and a red bow.  Thank you so much Karin!!  My dollhouse dolls had a great feast for Christmas :)

Deborah from made the next batch of wonderfulness:

There is a cute little Christmas tree all covered in bead ornaments and there is a sweet little star that belongs on top, but it broke off during shipping and I have not repaired it yet.  There is a sweet little bow with hanging bells that is absolutely perfect for the door to my dollhouse bakery---but my fave is the snowman!!!  He is so adorable and I love him sooo much!!  I could hardly decide where to put him in my dollhouse- right now he is on the dresser in the bedroom, but that may change.  Thank you Deborah- and I am so glad this swap gave us the chance to meet!!

Last, but not least, Jaime from :

Isn't this just the cutest??!!!  It is a tiny little christmas tree covered in tiny little bead ornaments with the smallest presents that I have ever seen under the tree.  The entire thing is under a dome with a wooden base- it is just wonderful and I love it soooo much!!  Thank you Jaime!!!

I look forward to future mini swaps- I had so much fun and I hope that all my swap partners liked my items.  I'm off to find all of the posts I have been ignoring till I opened my swap items :)


sunshine said...

I am truly amazed at the talent of all of you!
Everything! Everything.. is gorgeous! I love it all.
So much detail and so life like!
Wow!!!! Beautiful!

I hope that you are feeling better soon Kimmy girl! Don't make me come over there!
I'm glad that you got some rest over the weekend. Hopefully it will go a long way to getting you back on the road to recovery!


Tiffany said...

Get better, Kim! I haven't been sick (knock on wood) but I have been very lazy the past couple of days, enjoying the idea that I don't have to do anything in particular right now, especially after the rush of the holidays.

Your swap items look darling! Don't worry about the ladles in the punch bowls. The party hasn't started yet and the hostess has set them to the side of the bowl, right? A little imagination can cover any goof up. :) Great job to you and everyone who worked on the swap. Lovely things!

JFolk said...

Hi Kim! I am soo behind myself and will be updating my blog soon too, but WOW, this was so much fun! I am so thrilled over your wonderful hutch and items! Thank you for making my xmas bright!

Claudia said...

I hope you feel better soon! I just went through the same thing and it took a while to shake.

Your swap goodies are wonderful. How creative everyone is - Someday, if I ever get the skills, I hope to take part in one.


Melanye K. said...

i hope you feel better! your creation is beautiful and so is everything else! very inspiring!

Dlsarmywife said...

Kim I hope you get to feeling better soon too! My kiddos have the coughy crud too. I've been pumping them full of vitamin C and hot tea or hot lemonade with honey!
I too had a wonderful time with Kathi's swap. I am thrilled that we have met too. I am sorry that your star broke off the tree, but hopefully when you are feeling better it will be easily fixable. I loved making the little snowmen, and I am super happy that you like your little fella too!

Kim said...

Thank you everyone for your comments and your get well wishes. The worst part is that I keep feeling like I am dropping the ball everywhere- like there are things I should do or have done and I flaked on them! Hope you all have a wonderful New Year!!!