Sunday, December 13, 2009


I've been working on so many things that I can't post on the blog- but this last weekend I finished up a project that I could show.  These are coasters that I painted for our gift exchange at the craft group I belong to.  There are 8 of us and I am the youngest member. We all bring a gift under $5.00- this blank wood set of coasters cost me $3.00 so I may get a little christmas candy to go with it.

My list is getting close to being finished.  Next, I am working on my very first miniature roombox as a present.  The friend I am giving it to is always so excited to see what is new with my dollhouse- so I thought I would create a special mini scene for her very own.  I hope to be able to post it yet this week-I'm trying to make some mini cookies and cakes for it right now and I have HUGE respect for all the mini food artists out there.  How can a few little tiny cakes and cookies be taking me so long??!!

Hope your list is getting smaller and that you are all enjoying the Christmas season.


Melanie Farrell said...

Great coasters! It is so funny how you have to be sneaky because your gift getters are also blog readers, I have that same problem. Also - what a lucky friend, can't wait to see your room scene.

Katie said...

Oh WOW!! ! Those coasters are so beautiful!! You really did a good job!! Can't wait to see the roombox your working on!!

And before I go....I wanted to say Thank-you for my Christmas ornament!! I was so excite3d when I opened it! I still can't get over that you painted 50 of them....they're so cute!! :)


sunshine said...

Those are beautiful Kim and whoever gets them will love them I'm sure!

I'm hoping that after today my list will be shorter.
I have to take Gabby to the dentist in a few minutes for a sealant and then I'm off to do some shopping!
I'm still not in the mood but.. it's got to be done! Right??


Kim said...

Melanie- Thank you! It's tricky, isn't it? I feel like I am busy, but my blog makes it look like I have not been up to anything :) Have a wonderful holiday!!

Katie- Thank you!! I hope whomever gets the coasters likes them. You are very welcome- merry christmas!!

Laura- sending you lots and lots and lots of christmas hugs- wish I could give them to you in person!!

Julia said...

OOOOOooooo I love those coasters!!!

thefabulousfarmhouse said...

Hi Kim! I think you have one lucky friend getting a great gift this year! Whatever you do don't lick the frosting! I saw your hutch on a blog showing that swap and I was so excited to see everyone elses swap items too! Have fun with the minis:) Busy here too! See you later.

Kim said...

Cathy- thank you!!! Ohhhh, don't tell me about the swap items- I decided to wait for christmas to open them. Stay warm and remember to take care of yourself in this busy time!

Dani said...

that looks wonderful kim !! xx

Tallulah Belle said...

$3, a little paint and a whole load of artistic talent and you have a wonderful gift. Well done Kim they look great.