Tuesday, December 29, 2009

A Christmas surprise and Welcome New Followers!

I had a little surprise show up at my house on Christmas Eve.  My friend Eva from http://prunellascreation.blogspot.com/ had sent me a little gift way back in November.

I had thought perhaps it had been lost in the mail and I was a bit saddened by that- but here it is like a little Christmas miracle :)  The envie it came in was enclosed inside a plastic "damaged" bag from the post office and Eva's original envelope looks like someone spilled their lunch on it.  Thankfully, Eva enclosed the handmade bookmark she made for me inside a plastic sleeve, so there is no wear or damage to it!  Isn't it beautiful??!!  I want to say a huge thank you Eva- Acorns and Oak Leaves are my favorite- as you know- and I love the beading. You are a wonderful friend!!

I also have a couple of new followers to welcome!!

First is Chelsea S.  Sometimes blogger does not give me my followers blog info and this is one such case.  If you have a blog Chelsea please leave me a comment- I would love to get to know you better!  Thank you for visiting me!!!

Next is Cheryl from http://aminiatureplace.blogspot.com/

Blogger did not give me her blog info either, but thankfully I saw her post on someone else's blog and so I quickly hopped over to her blog from there.  Cheryl loves miniatures also- and vintage and antiques!  She has a beautiful Greenhouse on her blog that she is working on- not sure if it is 1:12 scale or the smaller 1:48.  Right under that post is beautiful painted minis she was lucky enough to find at a sale- what a great find!!  Thank you for visiting Cheryl- I look forward to keeping up with what you are working on too :)

Still so much to show you so hopefully I will be back tomorrow to share more :)  Happy Tuesday all!!


Claudia said...

Thank goodness your gift wasn't damaged! I always dread seeing those plastic bags from the post office.


Deni said...

Oh Thank you and a Happy New Year to you too Kim!

What is happening with my blog that you can't seem to post there?
Might be my settings Im not really good at this!!
First timer need all the help I can get lol

julia said...

Followers are what make blogging so much fun!!! Congrats on your new ones.