Monday, December 7, 2009

Christmas is Coming

I feel bad that I am neglecting my poor blog.  Hopefully next year I will be more prepared and this will not happen again.  I thought that I could still blog regularly and keep up with making christmas gifts, but it seems I am not too good at it. On the positive note, my lists are getting smaller and I  managed to get some of my house decorated this past weekend.  My friend Laura will be happy to know that I even made scalloped potatoes and ham for dinner last night- real food!  Laura has been posting some really great recipes on her blog and I have been quite jealous.  We have been existing on frozen pizza and sandwiches at my house.   Whatever is quick, easy and makes the least mess :)  Anyhow, here are a couple of pictures of my REAL house- not the dollhouse:)  I hope you are all making good progress on  your holiday lists also and that through the hustle and bustle your holiday cheer is staying intact.  Merry Christmas!!



sunshine said...

Well thank gawd you're eating better! :P
Thanks for the shout out too! ;D

I love your place! It looks so amazing. The tree is beautiful!
Everything looks so warm and cozy.


Melanye K. said...

your tree is so pretty!!! wahhhhh we don't have our tree yet. i want it and i want it now :D it just doesn't feel like christmas without a tree hehe. your house is so pretty!

Tallulah~Belle said...

Kim, the tree is gorgeous.

I sold mine when we left MN...I so wish I hadn't done that now. To go out and buy everything from scratch is just so far down on our priority list now in terms of money.

Doesn't help that Mick is the original Grinch and has no interest in Christmas whatsoever so I can't even persuade him a few decorations are worth adding to the budget :-(

Claudia said...

Your tree is beautiful, Kim! We haven't got ours yet...hopefully in the next day or two!


Kim said...

Laura- thanks girl! I call my house the land of unfinished rooms :) Every room in our house has some project not quite finished. I like to think of that as a charming work in progress :)

Mel- I hope you are settled in soon and can get a tree up this year. I have been thinking of you a lot and wishing so much I could help you out- never mind we would probably end up crafting and not doing the moving work :)

Jayne- I feel your pain- my hubby is a Grinch too and any christmas cheer in our house comes all from me. I'll cross my fingers for a christmas miracle that they both find some cheer.

Thank you Claudia!! I cannot wait to see yours- I know it is going to be gorgeous!!

Reisl Today said...

What a beautiful Christmas tree Kim :) So pretty!

Melanie Farrell said...

Your tree is beautiful! I wish this season lasted at least one more month - then maybe we would all get everything done, including healthy cooking!!

Kim said...

Reisl and Melanie- Thank you!!!

I am surely going to have to do the new years diet after the last month of "quick" eating :) I hope you both have a wonderful Christmas :)

nikkinikkinikki72 said...

Beautiful tree and i love all the decorations.
I have been making all mine and hope i make enough to make it look full.
Nikki xxx

JFolk said...

very pretty photo's of your real tree and christmas decor! Should be in a magazine so pretty!

Doreen said...

Kim - I received your beautiful card and angel today and posted her on my blog. Thank you so much. I love it. I also love your house. The wood walls are so warm and inviting and are a wonderful backdrop for your decorations. You really have made the house look beautiful. We do not decorate as much any more and we gave most of our decorations away and now we have a smaller house there isn't the room for decorations. I only have a small artificial table tree and it is not the same. When the children were home, I really did Christmas up in a big way - but now I just do my dollhouse. LOL

Kim said...

Nikki-Thank you! I've been watching what ornaments you post- they are wonderful!

JFolk- Thank you! What a super sweet compliment!! I've never thought of my home that way :) That was a really awesome thing to say!

Doreen- I am so happy she arrived in one piece! Thank you for your comments on my house- we are still working on it- occasionally you can see that in pictures- like missing trim, etc. I love the wood so much- I feel the same way- I think it is warm and cozy :) I hope you have a wonderful Christmas- thank you so much for your friendship this year :)