Monday, November 23, 2009


I have some new followers to welcome today!!

Welcome to Sandra from  Sandra is a miniature artist- she makes miniature toys for miniature children :)  Check out her website here: and here:

I have been following Sandra's blog for awhile and the thing I love about her blog- even if I don't comment often- is that she is an excellent story teller.  Her blog posts don't feel like "here is what I am up to" as much as a wonderful story about what she has been up to, often full of bits of humor and mentions of her small dog and small dog's feelings about the day.  Wonderful reads!  Sandra just had a booth at the Kensington Show and has a picture posted today of her booth- please do go say hello and congratulate her on a wonderful show last weekend.  Thank you for visiting Sandra!!

Tracy from and is also a new follower!  Tracy builds the most exquisite dollhouses- I am sure many of you already know her work.  I am in awe every time a new house is posted- I hope to one day be half as skilled :)  Tracy has also reminded me lately that even though we may have a bad day, or an aching back, or any other number of things that go wrong- there is always something to be thankful for.  I keep coming back to your beautiful posts Tracy and trying to change my outlook and my attitude to a thankful and happy one.  I thank you for visiting me and also reminding me of the great things in life. 

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dale said...

I too enjoy Sandra's blog and all references to small dog. :)

Thanks for sharing the new blogs, very cool! :)