Monday, November 9, 2009


New followers to welcome today!!

First we have Caterina from and  .  Caterina loves dollhouse miniatures and her other blog is about cooking.  I have been looking through the cooking blog first- there are some delicious looking recipes that I want to try.  First I need to finish up all my christmas goodies.  She is working on a dollhouse- if you read back far enough you can find links to the house(hut is how it is translated) and you can see an amazing miniature crocheted blanket she has made- astounding work!  So glad you stopped by Caterina and so lovely to meet you!!

Next is Lize from  I cannot remember how I stumbled across her blog, but Lize does some wonderful work.  Lize loves dollhouse miniatures too and she is an artist!  I know she hesitates to call herself this, but she truly is one- and in oil paints! My favorite mini scenes of hers are the art studio scenes. If you have a minute you must visit her blog- it is so beautiful and the detail in her miniature scenes is incredible.  Thank you for taking the time to visit me too Lize!!

We also have  I think this is a group blog- sometimes it is hard for me to be sure with the translator.  There are lots of publication pages posted here, tutorials and lots of eye candy of dollhouse miniatures.  I have only had a few minutes to look, but I have added myself to the followers and I will be going back for another look later this week- looks like lots to learn and be inspired by!  Thank you for reading my blog too!!

Hope your morning is wonderful.  Stay tuned later for some pictures of my christmas ornaments.  I am finished with the first batch and now I need to get working on the cards!


PonderandStitch said...

Welcome, everyone!

I can't believe how close we are to Christmas. I haven't bought (or made) one Christmas gift yet! I have a ton of work to do. Looking forward to seeing your ornaments. ;)

Lize said...

Hi Kim, thank you very, very much much for your kind remarks! Lize

cockerina said...

Kim thanks be passed from my blog ....
I hope you like cooking with my recipes ...
I also hope that you will spend more on my blog of miniatures in the coming days I will put more photos of my work!
I'm glad you liked the cover ... I tried to do my best, and also I liked how it came!

thanks again, kisses ..