Monday, November 23, 2009


Whew, I had a busy weekend.  I promised a picture of my adorable scarves from Mel at and time got away from me.  I do not like this picture at all- I think I look every year of my 40 years- and all the pictures had me with eyes closed again or squinting no matter what way the sun was shining- so I guess I bite the bullet and post this one.  It's all about the scarves anyhow- are they not just the most adorable scarves ever?  The colors are perfect too- totally me!!!  I'll be back later on this afternoon to post some pictures of how I misbehaved and stopped working on presents and swaps for awhile and decorated my dollhouse instead :)  It must have looked like I was having a good time because the hubby even got in the mix.  Here's my scarves....till later, have a great day!!!!


Papillon Bleu said...

Kim you look so cute with your scarves!
The thing is, that even if you had had your eyes closed I would have though that you are beautiful, because you ARE!!
I am sure you had a great time with all your new minis!I wish I could come and play too!

Big hugs to you my dear friend!

PonderandStitch said...

I love the scarves!! The colors look wonderful on you and you are very pretty! Seriously- I think it's a nice pic. :)

Melanye K. said...

YAY you look so cute! I like them on you :D

and you look just fine ;)

Kim said...

thanks all- you would have laughed at me trying soooo hard to keep my eyes open for the pictures- 10 more pictures and still just this one with open eyes! Patricia- I sooooo wish you could come and play with dolls and minis with me too- what fun we would have!! Amy- you are too sweet! Mel- I really cannot say thank you enough times- you rock girl!

Dani said...

Nice photo Kim !!...pretty girl !! the scarves xx Dani

sunshine said...

How did I miss this???
I love those scarves! So beautiful! So are you so, shut up! ;P
If you look 40 then... I look 41! :)

Love them, love the colours too!