Monday, November 2, 2009

Question for my SMART blogging friends

I think I have fixed my comments problem!!!  I searched around blogger help and found one answer that someone else with the same problem received.  I had to check my security settings and make sure I had 3rd party cookies accepted.  My question is this......I have good anti-virus software- is it ok for my computer to have this setting turned on?  I hope so- I am soooo happy to be able to comment to everyone again.  If anyone knows the anwser would you please comment- I really need to take more classes on computers!!

Thank you!!

In other news, I have been busy creating christmas minis for swaps and painting christmas ornaments, so no pictures today- but hopefully pictures of christmas ornaments really soon!


nikkinikkinikki72 said...

My son just told me this.
Its ever so complicated and quite brain numbing but this is his advice.
Before you get to the end you will have worked out what he advises will need to be applied to all the sites you trust, and so to use all sites you would have to follow his advice below and enable sites with the noscript.
He's a bit of a nerd and it all just baffles me, but hope the advice helps and you understand it all.

Nikki xxx

It is fine to have all 3rd party cookies enabled on your antivirus, however, if you do so it leaves your computer more vulnerable to other third party cookies that may attempt to abuse cookies in order to install malware on your computer.

What he suggests is using mozilla firefox as opposed to internet explorer and installing an extension called noscript.

The instructions should be available on the site as to how noscript should be installed.

To get mozilla firefox go on

Once you have installed firefox, and subsequently installed noscript it should then block all scripts, and by extension all cookies that any website may attempt to use.
This will again prevent you from leaving comments on blogger because all scripts on that site are being blocked.

However, what noscripts allows you to do is enable scripts on specific websites that you trust and authorise to use and install scripts. To allow scripts and by extension all cookies from blogger and thus be able to post comments again, simply configure no script to allow third party scripts from

Info about how to install firefox and how to use it is available on the firefox homepage linked above.
The same is true for the noscript homepage, also linked above.

Kim said...

Nikki- Please tell your son thank you! I worry about my security when I get into changing settings because I am soooo not computer smart! I use firefox, so this is a perfect solution and I have tried it out and I think I can still leave comments, so I am a very happy gal- Thank you so much!!!!!!

sunshine said...

Uggh~ My Firefox totally crashed on me this weekend and NOTHING I can do will get it working again.
PLUS!! Vista comes with something called Windows Defender. You have to buy it and we didn't . For some reason it keeps popping up telling me I need to buy it because my computer is infected with viruses.
I've run 3 complete scans on my computer using MY anti-virus McAfee and it's telling me we are clean.
It's just trying to get me to purchase this stupid product!!!! I"m soooo angry! I can't get it off. Not sure what I will have to do...
When computers are working well they are great. As soon as anything goes wrong! CRAP!


sunshine said...

and today my computer and Firefox is working fine.
Go figure.. :P

Dani said...

Hi know what...i received such a lovely letter today ;)....thankx...really loved it !!...xx Dani...see my blog ;) and will send a postcard :) xx

dales_dreams said...

I'm looking foward to the pictures. :)

How could you tell that your comments weren't showing up?

I'm still new at this and sometimes, I don't think I hit all of the right things.