Friday, November 6, 2009

Popping in for hello

I feel like it has been forever since I have posted- I sure miss my blog!! I have been a busy gal- painting ornaments, making miniature christmas swaps and helping my hubby with the bedroom remodeling. I also have some new followers to welcome later today- please excuse my tardiness! First off, I thought I would share some pictures of how my bedroom is coming along. Our ceiling had a big gaping hole in it- I didn't even take a before picture it was so embarassing that we lived with this for so long- but we had been working on other rooms in the house and were just living with the bedroom. This is the ceiling now- it will be painted white- and no holes!! I am so happy!!! No more thoughts of critters or monsters dropping out of the ceiling onto me while I sleep!

We put up wood paneling on two walls and then sheetrocked  and put the first coat of paint on the wall behind our bed.  I will confess here and tell you that I had to photoshop my unmade bed out of the picture as much as I could- I took the pictures quickly before I ran out the door and I had not made the bed today- running late!!

After we put up the wall color I decided that I liked it so much that I needed to revamp my tired jewelry box, so that got a first coat of paint too.  I like it a lot better in blue :)

Anyhow- no more pictures because my swaps are top secret, and if you can believe it, I am still finishing off the christmas ornaments.  They take awhile :) 

This week I found out that I got an A on the first two tests that we have had in school- I am so happy and it just increases my enthusiasm for school.  If only I would win the lottery and could take classes full time!

Stay tuned- I'll be back this afternoon to welcome new followers!  Hope you all have a wonderful morning!


sunshine said...

I was starting to think that you had dumped your blog! It's been SOOOOO long. ;P

The bedroom is really coming along nicely! Love that blue. I don't think I'd be brave enough to use it. You know me.. light, light, light! :) But, I can live through you and your boldness with colours!

I'd be scared of monsters dropping out of the ceiling too! (I have to have the closet doors closed for pete's sake before I can sleep).. I'm so glad you got that hole fixed.

Everything just looks awesome!

I really need to start thinking about Christmas stuff.... *groan*.....

P.S. Mitts off my chicken skin dammit!!! ;P

Kim said...

Laura- girl you crack me up. I'm so glad I know you because most days you make me smile no matter what is happening.
I LOVE color- my house would be even more colorful if I didn't have the hubby holding me back and taming it down :)
I kept dreaming about mice and racoons and rats and shrews and muskrats and..... falling down through that hole onto my bed----don't ask me how all those animals got into my house's walls- my dreams don't make sense much :)

First you don't want to share chocolate and now it's chicken skin. What the heck??!!

kibbygirl said...

Wow Kim, that looks like a beautiful blue on the wall in your room. I want to paint the one wall in our bedroom a deep red. I think it looks great with a good rich splash of colour. sorry I haven't commented for a bit, my cold turned into bronchitis :( Thanks for the good wishes though. And... way to go on the 2 A's!!!!

dales_dreams said...

Oh, your bedroom looks like its' going to be a real cozy retreat. :)

Our bedroom was one of the last rooms finished, and then we moved. Years of unfinished open walls, I won't say how long. ;)

I think I've figured out the whole posts not showing up. For one thing, everyone has their setting set differently. Sometimes, the funny word to type in is automatically there, like yours is and other times, you have to scroll back down over the post and find that word and type it in. I think that is it. ;)

But what do I know! Ha! :)

Papillon Bleu said...

Congratulations for your A!!!
I've seen that you've got lots of new followers and that you are making huuuuuuge progress with your decorating! so this is lots of congrats to you!!!

Liberty Biberty said...

Kim, the wall colour looks great, a very happy colour!
Congrats on the test results you must be so happy!!

Dani said...

Looks beautiful Kim xx Dani !

Kim said...

Kibbygirl- ugh! I am so sorry to hear that things got worse! I hope you are starting to feel better now! I always say- it's just paint and if you hate it you can paint over it- I love deep red!!You should go for it!

Dale- you are a kindred spirit in more ways than one :) I think you can kind of get used to unfinished rooms if you have been remodeling long enough. You could be right about the comments. Someday I am going to understand all this computer stuff!
Patricia, Mercedes and Dani- thank you so much for your kind words! I am so glad school is going well- I was so nervous about it! Mercedes- how is the decorating in your "real" house coming along? Your shabby mini house is looking great!