Monday, November 16, 2009

Moving along

Today I have finished up the items for Kathi's five star christmas swap over at  Here's a picture of all of my packages ready to go- can't show you the insides yet!

I learned so much from this.  I have done many artist trading card swaps, art doll swaps, bead swaps- but this was my very first miniature swap.  The main thing I have learned from this swap was sooo much respect and admiration for miniature artists.  Anyone that does not think making miniatures is an art form needs to talk to me!  I hope my partners in this swap like what I made- I am so nervous!!
I also have  some pictures of my christmas cards- I am about halfway done and I hope to finish them up this week and get back to some kind of normal schedule. 

Okay- I'm off to put these swap packages in a box and send them out the door- have a fabulous day!!


sunshine said...

I bet whoever ends up with your gifts is going to love them!
You work so hard and put so much love into everything you do .. how could they not?

The cards look awesome! That is something I have considered doing.. card making. Perhaps next year I will get into it. You could give me some tips I'm sure.

So glad you posted. I was missing you big time.


Liberty Biberty said...

Kim, your little packages look beautiful as do your Christmas cards!

Kim said...

Laura- I miss you too! I miss blogging! I am starting to see the end of these projects- and my hubby will be happy about that because I have lots of messes! If you get into card making let me know- I will send you some cool stuff and help you with whatever you like. If you are smart, then you will make your cards in the summer with less stress. That's what I usually do, but this summer really kicked my butt and I didn't get as much done as I wanted to.

You are the greatest friend - I really love you girl!

Kim said...

Thank you Mercedes! I hope that my swap partners like them- what a fun time I had making them!

Katie said...

I love how you've wrapped everything! So festive!! And LOOK at those Christmas cards....LOVE THEM!!! I'm cheating again this year and have store bought cards....but I can say I did sit down with them the other night and started to sticker them up....I hate doing it all in one night...I spread it out over the month:)


Claudia said...

They look wonderful, Kim. Maybe someday when I actually make a miniature I will contemplate a swap. In the meantime, I am just in awe of anyone that creates in miniature.


Melanye K. said...

pretty packaging and cards!! i love all of it :D you've been a busy little bee!

and i LOVE what you said about making miniatures being an art form. it really is even though some just don't "get it" ;)

Maia's Twinkle Miniatures said...

I love the way you wrapped the presents, they look so happy!
Your christmas cards are really special, and even though it's hard work you must really enjoy making them and thinking about them, it's part of the fun too. :)

julia said...

If the contents of the packages are as nice as the outsides then your recipients will be thrilled. I love your cards!

sunshine said...

I received your card today. I love getting mail from you!!! :P Thanks!


Kim said...

Katie- It's not cheating if you send store bought- it's the thought behind them!

Claudia- thank you!

Melanye-I'm so glad that I know you and you "get it" You are one of those artists I aspire to!

Maia- Thank you! I do love to make the cards and ornaments and I am so happy so many people look forward to them.

Julia- Thank you! I am so nervous about them! Thank you for the email too- you are a sweetheart ♥

dale said...

The cards and the swap pressies look wonderful. :)

I'm anxious to see what is inside!

kathi said...

Your presents arrived today and I just couldn't wait to tear into that big box to see what was inside! Oh my goodness! They are so pretty!!!
I know everyone is going to be thrilled to receive them! I didn't open mine yet. I figured that wasn't fair. :) I don't know how long I can wait though! Thank you SO MUCH for the gifts AND for joining the swap!!!

dale said...

Kathi, I'd be ripping it open, I have no patience. ;)

Kim said...

I don't mind if you open early-but you can't post till everyone gets theirs :) I am soooooo nervous!!!! I am glad they arrived safe- sorry again about the ups- it was just so much easier for me right now :) I can't wait for everyone to open!!!!

Dani said...

Wauw the gifts look great pretty sure they will be very happy with it !!...and your cards are beautiful...:) xx Dani