Friday, November 20, 2009

Less Apathy, More Cake..........Rocks!!!!!!!!!!!

My friend Melanye over at has sent me the most amazing package, and I just have to share it with all of you!!!  I purchased this little cake from Melanye's etsy shop (  ) but she sent so much more than that!

I love this little cake so much- I wish the picture were better- the thing I love the most is the little swirls in the frosting- so adorable- I cannot wait to add it to the bakery!  But......look at everything else she sent!!  I have been having a tough week so this package actually made me cry when I opened it up.  Mel has been so very very kind to me- she is the person that did my blog make-over and now this.  What a sweet, generous, hip(does that word age me?) and funny woman she is- if you don't follow her blog you really need to go over and visit.  I don't even know how to say thank you enough Melanye- I hope you know that you have touched my heart and that I think you are the greatest!  Here's the eye candy!

Another cake!!!!  Neopaltin!!

This is the whole package. Wow, right!!!!  There are handmade finger-knitted scarves, stickers, items handmade by Melayne from her etsy shop, a calander from the doggy day care where she works (LOVE THIS!!), some miniature christmas bulbs that I plan to use on my dollhouse....lets look at some of it closer....

The scarves- which I adore.  I wanted to post a pic of me wearing them, but I got home late last night because of school and all the pictures I had the hubby take this morning of me wearing them I have my eyes closed in! I'll try again tomorrow, because you have to see how adorable these are!!  My favorite part is the drawing she made on how to wear them!!!  How sweet!!

Items from her shop- a pincushion, stickers and handmade charms.  I am putting the charms on my charm bracelet right away- I love them so much!!!

Here's a closeup of them

I feel like the luckiest gal ever- so many wonderful people I have met through this blog!  Thank you again Melayne!!!  You rock!!!!!!!!!


silk purse said...

My, I love visiting your blog my dear!~It's always so creative, fun and interesting!~ I so enjoy what you have been creating; you are very talented!

Wow!~ Love those dear little cakes as well!..,

~I did not receive your email my dear, and yet it may well have been sent,and be lsot in the shuffle, as I have diligently been trying to read and sort through the 1000's of unopened emails;

~(mostly just info., stuff I sent for; so I apologize in advance, if that is the case.~ That it had been sent, that is to say)..,

~You see unfortunately I had such a back log of email from when I was really unwell, as well as a computer crash;(thankfuly I'm slowly improving, and the computer has been upgraded and repaired!)..,

I want to send you something dear Kim, so here is the email adress once more..,(so sorry for the confusion)!.., ; kindly send me your address via the security of the email and I can then pop your wee gift in the mail my dear..,

Thanks for your kind comment re., my perfume bottle paintings!

Cheers from Wanda-Lee a.k.a./ Silken Purse

The Carolina Quilter said...

Hi, Kim! Thank you so much for your purchase of my little goose! I'll send him to you as soon as I can this coming week. I am at work today and tomorrow is a craft fair but I so appreciated it. I see that the Etsy seller before me included special goodies--lots to live up to! LOL!

Your blog has a new look and how pretty you are. So glad you put your pix there. I was used to the little art avatar. (however, maybe you are one of those extremely talented people who can maintain several blogs and I'm at another one?) I've been away from our little blogosphere so long, I am totally lost! Thank you again!

Mini Leaps and Bounds

Claudia said...

What a lovely array of gifts from your friend! Sounds like she knew just what would cheer you up!
Hope your day is going better today!


sunshine said...

Ooooo... you KNOW I would put one of those little cakes up to my mouth when you weren't looking just to "make sure" it wasn't real right? LOL

They look awesome! Lucky you!
I cannot wait to see those scarves and how they will look. I'm intrigued. :)


Kim said...

Wanda- I sent you another email- I am so sorry to be causing you so much trouble! Thank you for visiting and trying again- please do let me know if you get this one

Jody- I am supposed to be saving for xmas- but I could not resist- you are very talented! I guess my hubby just bought him for me:) wait till he finds out :) Thank you for the compliments- my blog is redesigned- the gal that sent me so many wonderful goodies did my blog too- isn't it wonderful?? I love it so much. I am glad to see your post- but don't worry- even when things get busy we're all still here when you get back ♥

Claudia- thank you! I know my week will get better because tomorrow is the weekend and I am going to catch up with everything and then I am going to treat myself to a glass of wine :)

Laura- of course! Don't you think I smelled them to make sure? good thing she didn't put any chocolate scent in the clay! the scarves are so cute- wait till you see! love ya girl!!!

dale said...

The cakes are cute! You are a lucky gal indeed. :)

MinisOnTheEdge said...

Wow those cakes look Fabulous!! I am now really considering baking a real cake because those mini ones look so realistic they have me craving a cake. I hope you are having a Fun Weekend Kim! ~ Tracy

Papillon Bleu said...

I am busy like a bee but have time to tell you that you are incredibly lucky!!!those cakes are just incredible! I am just a bit concerned about Bernard's health...mainly his teeth! I hope he regularly brushes them.
I can't waut to see you with your scarf!

Tiffany said...

Hi Kim,

Must be something in the air because I've had a tough week as well. I'm glad the package cheered you up. We all need that from time to time. What lovely things Melayne sent you! I'm a cake girl so her bakery items make my mouth water. Hope Turkey week is better for us all! :)

Dani said...

Wauw that looks so delicious (?) and what a wonderful gifts !! lucky girl !!

Melanye K. said...

so glad you like everything!!! :D