Monday, November 23, 2009

a little play time

I am plugging right along at a good speed on my projects so on sunday I rebelled and had a little play time.  I want to decorate both of my dollhouses for christmas, but I'm not sure if that will happen this year.  For one thing, Bernard the bear's house is still in progress :)  I did, however, decorate the outside of both houses for the holiday season.  Please excuse the pins if you spot them- I'll have to come up with a better way to attach everything that does not involve glue.  Anyhow, first is some pictures of the bakery and flower shop all dolled up for the holidays.  This was so much fun, even my hubby was making things to add!

Of course, Bernard was jealous and had to have his house decorated too, even though it is not finished yet- he doesn't even have a shingled roof!

If time gets away from me and I don't post again- I wish a Happy Thanksgiving to all that celebrate it this week!


I have some new followers to welcome today!!

Welcome to Sandra from  Sandra is a miniature artist- she makes miniature toys for miniature children :)  Check out her website here: and here:

I have been following Sandra's blog for awhile and the thing I love about her blog- even if I don't comment often- is that she is an excellent story teller.  Her blog posts don't feel like "here is what I am up to" as much as a wonderful story about what she has been up to, often full of bits of humor and mentions of her small dog and small dog's feelings about the day.  Wonderful reads!  Sandra just had a booth at the Kensington Show and has a picture posted today of her booth- please do go say hello and congratulate her on a wonderful show last weekend.  Thank you for visiting Sandra!!

Tracy from and is also a new follower!  Tracy builds the most exquisite dollhouses- I am sure many of you already know her work.  I am in awe every time a new house is posted- I hope to one day be half as skilled :)  Tracy has also reminded me lately that even though we may have a bad day, or an aching back, or any other number of things that go wrong- there is always something to be thankful for.  I keep coming back to your beautiful posts Tracy and trying to change my outlook and my attitude to a thankful and happy one.  I thank you for visiting me and also reminding me of the great things in life. 


Whew, I had a busy weekend.  I promised a picture of my adorable scarves from Mel at and time got away from me.  I do not like this picture at all- I think I look every year of my 40 years- and all the pictures had me with eyes closed again or squinting no matter what way the sun was shining- so I guess I bite the bullet and post this one.  It's all about the scarves anyhow- are they not just the most adorable scarves ever?  The colors are perfect too- totally me!!!  I'll be back later on this afternoon to post some pictures of how I misbehaved and stopped working on presents and swaps for awhile and decorated my dollhouse instead :)  It must have looked like I was having a good time because the hubby even got in the mix.  Here's my scarves....till later, have a great day!!!!

Friday, November 20, 2009

Less Apathy, More Cake..........Rocks!!!!!!!!!!!

My friend Melanye over at has sent me the most amazing package, and I just have to share it with all of you!!!  I purchased this little cake from Melanye's etsy shop (  ) but she sent so much more than that!

I love this little cake so much- I wish the picture were better- the thing I love the most is the little swirls in the frosting- so adorable- I cannot wait to add it to the bakery!  But......look at everything else she sent!!  I have been having a tough week so this package actually made me cry when I opened it up.  Mel has been so very very kind to me- she is the person that did my blog make-over and now this.  What a sweet, generous, hip(does that word age me?) and funny woman she is- if you don't follow her blog you really need to go over and visit.  I don't even know how to say thank you enough Melanye- I hope you know that you have touched my heart and that I think you are the greatest!  Here's the eye candy!

Another cake!!!!  Neopaltin!!

This is the whole package. Wow, right!!!!  There are handmade finger-knitted scarves, stickers, items handmade by Melayne from her etsy shop, a calander from the doggy day care where she works (LOVE THIS!!), some miniature christmas bulbs that I plan to use on my dollhouse....lets look at some of it closer....

The scarves- which I adore.  I wanted to post a pic of me wearing them, but I got home late last night because of school and all the pictures I had the hubby take this morning of me wearing them I have my eyes closed in! I'll try again tomorrow, because you have to see how adorable these are!!  My favorite part is the drawing she made on how to wear them!!!  How sweet!!

Items from her shop- a pincushion, stickers and handmade charms.  I am putting the charms on my charm bracelet right away- I love them so much!!!

Here's a closeup of them

I feel like the luckiest gal ever- so many wonderful people I have met through this blog!  Thank you again Melayne!!!  You rock!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009


I have 2 new followers to welcome.  The first is cristinalorite_bcn  I can't seem to find any information or email for this person-if you are reading and you have a blog would you please comment- I would love to get to know you better, or perhaps I already read your blog and just don't realize it is you :)

Next is Debora from  I first started following Sandra's blog when I stumbled across a post from March 19th of a miniature bobbin/lace machine.  (I am sorry- I do not know the correct name of the machine)  Sandra made this exquisite work of miniature art and I was amazed by it!  If you have time you really must go back into her blog and take a look- it is all carved by hand and the miniature lady of the house even has lace in progress on the machine.  Her most recent post has incredible old fashioned miniature ice skates- also handmade.  Debora also has pictures of the most wonderful dollhouse her family has built for her mother in law- wonderful!  I appreciate  your comments about my first dollhouse rug Debora- very sweet of you-thank you!  I am so happy that you have visited me!!!

Monday, November 16, 2009

Moving along

Today I have finished up the items for Kathi's five star christmas swap over at  Here's a picture of all of my packages ready to go- can't show you the insides yet!

I learned so much from this.  I have done many artist trading card swaps, art doll swaps, bead swaps- but this was my very first miniature swap.  The main thing I have learned from this swap was sooo much respect and admiration for miniature artists.  Anyone that does not think making miniatures is an art form needs to talk to me!  I hope my partners in this swap like what I made- I am so nervous!!
I also have  some pictures of my christmas cards- I am about halfway done and I hope to finish them up this week and get back to some kind of normal schedule. 

Okay- I'm off to put these swap packages in a box and send them out the door- have a fabulous day!!

Monday, November 9, 2009


I am still busy creating things for christmas.  I finally have the first batch of ornaments I mail out finished and now I can move on to making christmas cards to go with them.  On another note, I made my first polymer clay cane this last weekend, and even though I made a few mistakes and know what to do better next time, the cane did work and I was just proud as I could be about it.  I can't show you how I used it yet, because it is part of a christmas swap, but I think I will be making more of them to try and get a bit more realistic.  What fun!  Here's some pictures of the first batch of christmas ornaments- I'll be MIA again for a bit while I do the cards :)



New followers to welcome today!!

First we have Caterina from and  .  Caterina loves dollhouse miniatures and her other blog is about cooking.  I have been looking through the cooking blog first- there are some delicious looking recipes that I want to try.  First I need to finish up all my christmas goodies.  She is working on a dollhouse- if you read back far enough you can find links to the house(hut is how it is translated) and you can see an amazing miniature crocheted blanket she has made- astounding work!  So glad you stopped by Caterina and so lovely to meet you!!

Next is Lize from  I cannot remember how I stumbled across her blog, but Lize does some wonderful work.  Lize loves dollhouse miniatures too and she is an artist!  I know she hesitates to call herself this, but she truly is one- and in oil paints! My favorite mini scenes of hers are the art studio scenes. If you have a minute you must visit her blog- it is so beautiful and the detail in her miniature scenes is incredible.  Thank you for taking the time to visit me too Lize!!

We also have  I think this is a group blog- sometimes it is hard for me to be sure with the translator.  There are lots of publication pages posted here, tutorials and lots of eye candy of dollhouse miniatures.  I have only had a few minutes to look, but I have added myself to the followers and I will be going back for another look later this week- looks like lots to learn and be inspired by!  Thank you for reading my blog too!!

Hope your morning is wonderful.  Stay tuned later for some pictures of my christmas ornaments.  I am finished with the first batch and now I need to get working on the cards!

Friday, November 6, 2009


I have new followers to welcome today!

Julia loves sewing, reading and drawing.  She is a grandma and if you pop over to say hi and read her blog you will see some amazing clothes she is making her grandchildren for christmas.  I wish I could sew like this!  What wonderful items for her grandchildren to be able to pass down to their children also!  Julia's blog is so sweet and cute- I am so glad to meet you Julia!

Rosa is a dollhouse miniature enthusiast- and her second blog has the beginnings of her creations in reborn dolls.  The first dolls she has worked on for her reborn blog are amazing- I admire someone that can take a doll and turn it into such a work of art- beautiful Rosa!  Rosa also makes incredible mini food on her miniatures blog- so glad you stopped by!

Last, but not least,  we have Rachel from  I met Rachel from Amy over at ( a wonderful blog also, by the way) and she is fairly new to  blogging.  Pop over and say hi to her if you have the time please :)  Rachel makes the most amazing bags, clutches, wallets and scarves that I am drooling over. If you'd like to take a look you can see her etsy store here: Thank you for reading Rachel! 

Popping in for hello

I feel like it has been forever since I have posted- I sure miss my blog!! I have been a busy gal- painting ornaments, making miniature christmas swaps and helping my hubby with the bedroom remodeling. I also have some new followers to welcome later today- please excuse my tardiness! First off, I thought I would share some pictures of how my bedroom is coming along. Our ceiling had a big gaping hole in it- I didn't even take a before picture it was so embarassing that we lived with this for so long- but we had been working on other rooms in the house and were just living with the bedroom. This is the ceiling now- it will be painted white- and no holes!! I am so happy!!! No more thoughts of critters or monsters dropping out of the ceiling onto me while I sleep!

We put up wood paneling on two walls and then sheetrocked  and put the first coat of paint on the wall behind our bed.  I will confess here and tell you that I had to photoshop my unmade bed out of the picture as much as I could- I took the pictures quickly before I ran out the door and I had not made the bed today- running late!!

After we put up the wall color I decided that I liked it so much that I needed to revamp my tired jewelry box, so that got a first coat of paint too.  I like it a lot better in blue :)

Anyhow- no more pictures because my swaps are top secret, and if you can believe it, I am still finishing off the christmas ornaments.  They take awhile :) 

This week I found out that I got an A on the first two tests that we have had in school- I am so happy and it just increases my enthusiasm for school.  If only I would win the lottery and could take classes full time!

Stay tuned- I'll be back this afternoon to welcome new followers!  Hope you all have a wonderful morning!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Question for my SMART blogging friends

I think I have fixed my comments problem!!!  I searched around blogger help and found one answer that someone else with the same problem received.  I had to check my security settings and make sure I had 3rd party cookies accepted.  My question is this......I have good anti-virus software- is it ok for my computer to have this setting turned on?  I hope so- I am soooo happy to be able to comment to everyone again.  If anyone knows the anwser would you please comment- I really need to take more classes on computers!!

Thank you!!

In other news, I have been busy creating christmas minis for swaps and painting christmas ornaments, so no pictures today- but hopefully pictures of christmas ornaments really soon!