Monday, October 26, 2009


                            Welcome New Followers!!

I have new followers to welcome today!!!  I have reached over 100 followers today and I would like to say to everyone that I am so grateful to have met all of you!  I adore my blog so much- I cannot imagine going back to not blogging.  I have met so many incredible people and I have received so much  kindness- I am very, very grateful.  Since I have started blogging I have even changed my attitude a bit.  Now, when I feel down and I feel like complaining I think to myself "is that something I would like to blog about and have people read?"  Believe it or not, blogging has improved my attitude and even spurred me on to try to finish projects!  So, lets meet some new people, shall we?

Kim from and has stopped by.  Many mini bloggers already know Kim.  She creates the most amazing displays in miniature- lots of baking related things- and she is so excellent at this that if you visit her blog you may think you are visiting a real bakery.  I've been reading her blog for awhile (I don't comment often Kim) and I have to say also that she is one of the kindest and warmest bloggers you will meet.  I am so happy you visited me Kim, thank you for stopping by!

Next is Alex from  Oh my goodness, I ADORE  this blog.  Alex is an artist and sculptor.  Alex's sculptures are amazing- and her paintings are gorgeous.  I will defenitely be spending some time reading backwards in her blog.  This is one talented  gal- she has an etsy store too- you have to check her out!  So glad you stopped by Alex!

I was also visited by Nuri from  Nuri is from Spain and is interested in dollhouse miniatures too.  She is fairly new to blogging and is working on a Rome Shabby Chic dollhouse.  She is in the process of making roof tiles from tongue depressors- so much work- but should look so sweet with all the little rounded edge tiles!  So nice to meet you  Nuri!  Good luck on your roof- I cannot wait to see pictures of your progress :)


PonderandStitch said...

Congrats on all the followers!! I know I love your blog so much- I don't even remember how I came across it now, but am so glad I did. You are one of the kindest bloggers I've ever met. Keep up the great work. :)

dales_dreams said...


Blogging really is a lot of fun, I had no idea how much and and enjoying it more and more.

I love reading everyone's blogs and seeing their pictures, it's a good thing.

Good for you for trying to always keep it light and happy, too. :)

Claudia said...

Congratulations! I know what you mean about blogging, Kim. I feel the same way. I can't imagine my life without blogging and I think it helps me to see the world in a different way.

Today while I was commenting on various blogs, the thought came to me that it was like having a conversation with people all over the world. Pretty neat!


sunshine said...

It's Tuesday!
Aren't we supposed to be at a tea party today???


kathi said...

Hi Kim!

Thank you SO much for emailing me about the swap! OF COURSE you can join!!! Love to have you!
I'll email you back with the details! :)

Kim said...

Amy- thank you so much! It is so wonderful to meet so many great people- and I LOVE your blog too!

Dale and Claudia- thank you! It is so fun- meeting so many people from all over the world- it is amazing to me! I am often blown away by everyone's kindness also-what a great community blogging can be!

Laura- you caught me! I forgot!!! This is the end of month at work and for some reason this month was a busy one(good thing!!) and I forgot about my tea for two! Good thing I have you to watch my butt- I'm posting now. Love ya girl!!!!

Kathi- hooray! I am so excited. I emailed you back :) I'm going to start mine this weekend and I will wait for instructions :)

kathi said...

PS Congratulations on 100 followers! I love your blog too!
I feel like I have friends around the world now and it's GREAT!
Looking forward to 100 more posts from you! :)