Monday, October 19, 2009



I have some new followers to welcome!

First, a welcome to Martam from  She makes the cutest keychains and cell phone charms, clay figures and crochet.  Very talented!  Nice to meet you!!

Next is Theresa from  Theresa is a teacher, and she is also living her life to the greatest benefit to her and others around her.  When I say this I mean she is doing what she can to make herself as healthy as can be naturally, she is recycling, eating organic.  She has a kitty named Ranger- and you know how I love cats :)  Theresa's blog is very uplifting and interesting to read- I did not have the chance to read back very far yet, but I will be returning.  Thank you for visiting me Theresa!!  I look forward to getting to know you.

Christine has been by for a visit.  She has 3 blogs   and

Christine is a miniaturist and an author.  She has the cutest little halloween dollhouse witch on her first blog- so sweet!  The fatal foodies blog looks like she has included some fun food facts and recipes here and there.  Of course, I have to follow.  Love to try to cook new things!

Last, but not least, I have Kiva from

Kiva is a dollhouse miniature artist that specializes in ethnic food and other bizarre minis (I stole that right from her profile- but what a good description!)  Anyhow- if you love minis you have to check her out- if you go backwards in her blog you will see grilled cheese sandwiches that look good enough to eat and since I am new to mini making I love the post a bit farther back from the sandwiches that shows the tools she uses to work with when making minis. 

Thank you everyone for visiting me- I am so glad to meet you all and I apologize for my lateness in welcoming you all!

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Marta said...

So much thanks for your welcome ^^