Wednesday, October 14, 2009


I am a bit behind in welcoming new followers lately.  Let's catch up a bit :)

 It would be lovely if you have some time if you would pop over and say hello to these lovely people.

What a lovely blog she has.  I headed over to her blog from a link on and I am so glad that I did.  Who could not love someone that posts in their profile that they love dollhouses, gardening and Gastronomic Pleasures with a Passion for trying Local Cuisines(this is not all that interests her- but what made her awesome in my eyes♥)  I adore the mini gourd and jack-o-lantern table she just created and she has pictures posted of a trip to Austria that make me long to travel.  So beautiful.  If you keep reading back in her blog you will see some amazing teapots she has made- and an adorable kitty.

Roberta also makes miniature food- her orange marmalade prep board is amazing!  She also has a motorbike garage scene she created as a gift for someone that is so cool!   Roberta loves kitties too- which makes her wonderful in my eyes.

Now we visit Anama from

Anama is a miniature artist also.  She has had an adorable little shop room for little girls  published in Miniatures Magazine recently.  So cute!  Tiny little coats, backpacks, shop bags, hats, dollies- you have to take a look!  There are a lot of amazing miniature books she has created also.

Julia from has stopped by my blog.  Julia is a dollhouse miniature artist, along with her hubby.  They have an etsy store here:

Julia makes wonderful creations in needlepoint and fabric and the sweetest little bears and other creatures.  I think her hubby mostly works on the houses that they sell, but I could be wrong.  Julia also posted a tutorial a few posts back for dollhouse trays.  The instructions are easy to follow, and what cute little trays!  I just received a needlepoint hanging that I purchased from Julia that I will be posting about tomorrow.  Forgot the camera again!  I'll post about that tomorrow- too sweet, you'll see.

I think these are the latest followers- if I have missed someone would you please let me know?  It gets hard to keep track sometimes when blogger adds people to the end or middle of the list instead of the front.  Thank you for visiting me ladies!  So very nice to meet all of you!!!!


Reisl Today said...

Thank you for such kind words :)
I came to your blog also and I thought, miniatures, cooking and gardens?? Throw in the snow and I decided, "my new best friend, I never met". lol.

Kim said...

Reisl- you are so very welcome- I am always so happy to meet new people with the same interests as me :) You may love the snow a bit more than me though♥

Hugs back to you!!!