Friday, October 9, 2009


Welcome, welcome, welcome to the Panda Prince!!!!!

My friend Patricia at has a new arrival to her family and Bernard the Bear wanted to give him a warm welcome from chilly Minnesota USA

Bernard is quite jealous  of all the Panda Prince's new girlfriends that he lives with, but he is setting that jealousy aside to say welcome and so glad you had a safe journey.  Do you like cake Panda Prince?  Bernard sure does :)


Papillon Bleu said...

Kim you are so funny!!!!!
Thank you! all my love to Bernard!
And to you to!!!hehehehehehehe!

sunshine said...

Bernard had better get his ass in gear and get working on a sign for me! ;P

Miss you! Hope you are having a lovely, lovely weekend.


Dani said...

Look how sweet !!...xx

Kim said...

Patricia- If only Bernard and I could have personally been at the welcome party- alas, this will have to do ♥

Laura- Bernard says that you will have to wait for your sign-
I miss you too- I thought of you all day sunday and was hoping all went well :)

Dani- Hello!! Is it getting cold where you live? It is snowing here in Minnesota today!!!