Monday, October 5, 2009


I have a new follower to welcome today.  A very warm welcome to Vicky from:

Vicky is an amazing polymer clay miniature artist.    She makes some of the most realistic looking miniature food- there is a post on the first blog of a commission for a bowl of peas being shelled that I find amazing- especially the little shelled pods!  The secong blog listed is full of hints and tips when working with polymer clay- great place to visit and learn some new tricks!!  Vicky's  website is listed as the third link- where you can learn more about Vicky, buy her amazing creations and see pictures of past work.  I am so glad you visited Vicky!  I am very happy to meet you and I love all of your blogs/websites!

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PonderandStitch said...

I looked at the peas and the other food- absolutely amazing!