Friday, October 2, 2009


Good Morning everyone! I have a new follower to welcome today- I am a bit late as I thought I would get a snappy picture made to welcome folks, but as you can see I did not finish that yet, so I am doing my welcome before too much more time passes.

I would like to welcome Begoña from

Begoña has just started her blog- but her first post- oh my amazing!! Begoña is another dollhouse miniature enthusiast and she says she is a beginner- but her kitchen sink and counter she has posted is beautiful- I think I would like a real life version. Thank you for visiting me too Begoña-I look forward to seeing what you make next and I am very glad to meet you!

I have all day tomorrow alone- so I hope to spend it making some of the many, many mini projects I have been bookmarking for "later". It will be even better if it rains all day so I don't feel guilty for not being outside and putting all the garden things away and getting ready for the winter snows. Hope everyone has a fabulous day!!


PonderandStitch said...

Wow- that little kitchen counter is adorable!!!

Kim said...

I know!!! Plus, she is a beginner!! Hope your weekend is fab Amy!

Begoña said...

Thank you!!!!!!