Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Hello all!  Today is Tea For Two Tuesday!!

Silk Purse from http://theplumedpen.blogspot.com is our host- jump over and visit her blog tomorrow if you would like to see who else has joined in on the party.  Silk Purse has a few doctor visits today- I send her my prayers and well wishes :)  This is a scene in my tea shop roombox (which is still in progress).  The table is filled and waiting for visitors with lovely treats from my talented friend Patricia at http://papillonbleuuk.blogspot.com.  Here is a fact from the website I buy my tea from:  http://teasource.com

Four things can harm your tea.  Store your tea in a container to avoid :  air, light, moisture and excessive heat.  Teasource also informs us that tea will absorb the aroma or whatever it is stored with.

Hope your Tuesday is magical.  I am off to sip on my cup of Raspberry tea.♥


sunshine said...

I hope that you are enjoying your tea Kimmy~Girl!

Papillon Bleu said...

The more I see Bernardn the more I think he is cute!!!(I just read your previous post).

I love your mini table it is a great picture for tea for two.I always love it when I see one of your comments on somebody else's blog.It is as if we had been invited to the same place and saying " hey! this is Kim my friend!!she's been invited too!!!".
Well, you know what I mean?

Papillon Bleu said...

PS:Did you change the colour of your background or am I going coocoo?

Kim said...

Hi Laura! I am enjoying my tea- thank you! Big hugs back to you!!!

Patricia- Bernard will get an even bigger swelled head now :)
I love to see your comments too- I joined in on tea for two because of your post! I know exactly what you mean- I am so glad you are my friend :) I did change the background on my blog- it's about all I know how to do :( I am trying to learn to do more, but I am a slow learner. Hope your tuesday is wonderful!!!!

Jill said...

Ah, such a perfect afternoon for tea. It's storming outside and I'm thinking a cup of tea is in order! Your tea scene is wonderful! Thanks for that nifty advice about tea-- good to know.

Kim said...

Thanks Jill! I hope your tea was yummy!