Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Tea For Two Tuesday

 Tea For Two Tuesday

Good evening!  I am joining in on Tea For Two Tuesday this evening.  The Plumed Pen holds a blogging tea party every tuesday!  I love tea- especially as the leaves start to fall and the weather gets cold.  My favorite tea is a dark, spicy tea- I really love if it includes cinammon.  Won't you join us for some evening tea?  Click here to read more.


silk purse said...

Thank you so much for joining us on our,"Tuesday Tea For Two" blogging Tea Party!.., Love what you've done with your little Tea vignette photo!..,Charming; I love cinnamon in my Tea as well!..,

DO come by again next Tuesday if you'd like, we would love to have you join us then, and to see what new art you may have created that you might enjoy to have us feature perhaps next Tuesday..,A Tea theme would be perfect..,
~Keep up the fun; love your art and your site..,

P.S.~ You have won a little Tea themed, art card of my creation, so If you'd care to have it sent to you, please email me your address at wandalee@blueforest.ca and I will be delighted to mail it to you..,


sunshine said...

I only drink tea if I'm sick. But, if you're serving cookies I'm in!!!


Dani said...

That is something for me....i don't drink coffee i don't like it so am a big big tea drinker !!...my favorite Lady Grey from Twinning , but love autumn tea too and lots more ;) xx

Papillon Bleu said...

Cool Kim! you are part of our tea party AND you have won a gift!!!

Big hugs!

Kim said...

Silk Purse- thank you for allowing me to join in on the tea party. You are so kind!

Dani- I wish we could have tea together- how fun would that be? I am still working on your letter- I don't know how I get so far behind!

Patricia- I actually saw your post about Tea for Two and I loved it and had to travel over to see if I could join in. Already thinking about my post for next week....wish I could be having tea with you in person too- especially because your treats look so wonderfully delicious.

Laura- would it sweeten the deal for you if I put a little something extra in your tea?

Hugs ladies!!!!