Monday, October 12, 2009

Snow and Bernard's house

Hello!  It is snowing here in Minnesota, USA today!  Can you believe!  They say it will be 60 degrees by sunday- so it is temporary- but brrrrrrr!  I guess this is my wake up call because I had been putting off the last of the outdoor tasks that need to be done before winter.  I will be doing my work this weekend for sure! 

I spent most of the weekend peeling, cutting and dry packing apples for freezing.  I am grateful for the apples to use all winter.  I am also grateful to be nearing the end of putting away food.  How fortunate I am to have had such a successful garden this year.  We shall be eating healthy food this winter :)  I did manage to work just a couple hours on Bernard's house.  I started his kitchen island.  Bernard's house is 1/2" scale, but my furnishings are turning out a bit large for the scale.  They fit Bernard though, which is what matters the most to me.  I do not think I shall be switching to 1/2" permanently though!  Anyhow- here is the start to Bernard the Bear's kitchen.  Much more work to be done, but I am pleased with the start.
Bernard looks ready to serve up some treats to visitors, doesn't he?  Not too sure about my paint job on the upper cabinets- might be changing my mind there.  I can't decide if I should shabby them up, or what I should do- any good tips or ideas?

On another note- my needlepoint rug for the 1/12th scale dollhouse is almost done!!!!!  Hopefully there shall be pictures of it in the living room of the dollhouse soon!  Of course, Bernard has already put a couple of orders in so I guess I should not put that needlepoint needle away any time soon :)


sunshine said...

Oooo snow!! We actually had a bit here yesterday too. Nothing that showed up on the ground though. I'm not ready for that yet. But, like you, I suppose I'd better get ready for it. :)

Love Bernard's kitchen. It's coming along nicely. :)

We had a really nice Thanksgiving (thanks for asking).. everything turned out perfectly. The only time it was quiet was when everyone was stuffing their faces. ;)


Ara said...

It looks great Kim!! You just need a step stool for him though - haha! Apples in the winter sound great. Although i am thinking of warm apple pie... and that's not too healthy is it? oops :) -ara

Doreen said...

Snow!!! We had a hail storm a week ago but it melted as soon as it landed. We have taken in all our outdoor stuff already.

I have an award for you on my blog.

Claudia said...

Snowing??? Oh goodness, it is too darn early for that! Love the way Bernard's house is looking. I envy you your garden. I want to start one here but am afraid the deer will eat it all!

kibbygirl said...

Ohhh, I am dreading the snow! I'm not a big fan of winter. Great picture of Bernards kitchen.

I have an award for you too!

Melanye K. said...

wahhhhh! i wish it would snow here more. we usually don't get much :( i love snow hehehe. Bernard's kitchen is looking good. What a lucky bear ;)

Debbie said...

Hi Kim,
Just wanted to say a big Thank you for your Get Well Wishes & Gifts. I couldn't find your email to email you privately. I totally love the Skull Pestle & Mortar. I really appreciate your generosity.
Love Debbie xxx

Dani said...

Wow, already snow...wauw...sun shinning here..nice autumn day , his kitchen looks great..xx Dani

Kim said...

Laura- I am not ready for the snow either- too early! It will melt though it it hits 60 on sunday. crossing fingers. Glad you had a good thanksgiving! I thought of you a lot :)

Ara- I just made a pie- wish I could give you a piece cuz I really don't need it! I love to bake, but still just learning. Made my first pie crust ever!

Doreen- you are much smarter than I am. Should have had this stuff in and taken care of a couple of weeks ago! I will try to do awards this week yet- thank you!!!

Claudia- I don't have much trouble with the deer- maybe because I have fields and woods all around me and they have more choices? My problem is with a hubby that plants wayyyyy too much :)

Kibbygirl- thank you for the award!!! I sort of dread snow too- except it gives me a good excuse to snuggle by the fire and craft- which I love!

Melanye- you should move up by me- we usually get good snowfall. Not like I remember as a kid though. Of course, back then I walked to school uphill both ways too :)

Debbie- You are very welcome- sorry it was not more- I am VERY slow at mini-making :) Glad to see you are able to get on the computer a bit now- hope you are healing well!

Dani- I think I am trying to find a way to come over and share your sunshine. I have numb fingers from cold as I type this. Hope your day is fabulous!!

Reisl Today said...

Snow! How great! I long for snow.. it was 90 here yesterday.. ugh.
Your Bernard is adorable. :) and your garden sounds lovely. I love garden pics, I'll have to peruse and see if you have some posted.
Have a great day and fun with the apples,

Kim said...

Reisl-Thank you for visiting me! This snow will not last for long yet. We do usually get lots in the winter months though. I am grateful for the winter usually to take a small break from the garden- and when spring gets here I have new enthusiasm for growing :)