Saturday, October 3, 2009

Sewing today

I was going to play with clay today- but I was sidetracked.  I went out to the kitchen to do the dishes I left last night and that somehow turned into cleaning the cupboards and the fridge.  After that I decided to dig out my sewing machine and sew the top of the duvet cover for our bed.  I could not finish because I did not have enough fabric for the back, but the front is done and that was the hardest because I wanted 3 different colors and I am not the greatest at getting things measured and sewn straight.  After I sewed it up I had to put it across the bed with a few of the pillows I have done to see what it looks like.  I am pretty pleased.  I still can't believe that my bedroom is going to finally look pretty!  Anyhow- now I am checking email real quick and then I think I will work on some bar stool chairs for Bernard's house.  I plan to make him a kitchen island with stools on one side like a breakfast bar.  Hope your Saturday is as awesome as mine!


sunshine said...

I love the blanket!
Gawd... I wish I could sew!
Can't wait to see the stuff you make for Bernard. Have I mentioned lately that I hate that bear that gets all the stuff I want?
I swear..if I see him eating cake at the kitchen island.....


Papillon Bleu said...

So you had a great creative girly day!
I don't think I will ever be able to sew a blanket...not a real size one anyway.

Keep on having fun girl!

sunshine said...

There is an award for you on my blog. :)

Kim said...

Laura- I am not the best at sewing, so if I can do it I bet you could too. Sewing challenges me because I am horrible at math and always screw up measurements- I am always amazed if I get done with something and it looks similar to what I intended. Move closer to me and I will teach you what I know about sewing! It would be fun!!! I'll post about my award tomorrow or wednesday- trying to catch up today- thank you for the award you sweetheart!

Patricia- I know you already know how to sew so I am positive you could sew a blanket! The worst part to me is how cumbersome it gets- but otherwise not too hard. I have to admit that I do prefer to hand sew versus my machine- but a blanket is too big so I have to dig out the machine and fight with it. We do not always get along. I am trying to join in on tea for two tuesdays this week- hope I do it right! Such fun!! I hope the Prince arrives this week too! I can't wait :)