Saturday, October 24, 2009

The rug is finished!!!!!

Remember my rug that I kind of messed up?  Well, I stuck with it and I finished it and you really cannot even tell a few stitches are off.  Big thanks to Casey from and Tiffany from for their help as I was working on this.  I am already thinking of my next needlepoint project- I actually really enjoyed working on this.  Here's a pic of the rug almost finished and another picture of the rug in the living room.  Bernard the Bear is thinking he needs a welcome mat for his front door now :)


Doreen said...

Hey there Kim. The rug is great and it looks so good in the room. I also love your new look to the blog. It is so nice and cheery - just like you. I am also glad you put your picture in. I feel like you are a very dear friend and it is much nicer to see your smiling face there. I also noticed that you now have 99 followers - WOW who will be 100??

Caseymini said...

Hi Kim, the rug looks fabulous! Now for just a tiny suggestion. If you run a black sharpie pen around the edge you will be able to color all of the canvas threads that still show a bit. I makes the rug even more finished. I love the colors that you used.

kibbygirl said...

everything looks great! The rug turned out really well. It gets addictive doesn't it! Your new blog look is awsome too. Really beautiful.

dales_dreams said...

The rug looks great you did a fabulous job. :)

Jill said...

Those tiny stiches are amazing- it's wonderful! It looks great in that room too-

Deni said...

Well that is an amazing rug
I don't know how you do it!

sunshine said...

It looks amazing!
Wonderful job!!!


Claudia said...

I am in awe. Fabulous and what meticulous work, Kim!

Kim said...

Thank you to all! I am so proud of the rug! Casey- I forgot the sharpie! Thank you for reminding me! You have been such a big help to me in this rug- thank you so much! I have bought myself a graph book to try my hand at designing the next rug!

Doreen- a very big thank you to you- I think you are a dear friend too :)

Papillon Bleu said...

Kim, this room looks so cosy!it is a beautiful warm atmosphere that you have created here!
The rug is gorgeous! I might ask you one day some advice.

Liberty Biberty said...

Kim, that rug looks awesome! Well done!
Love the new blog layout too!

silk purse said...

Hello there Kim..,I ADORE THE NEW LOOK OF YOUR BLOG!~I also love all the intricate work you do; especially the recent work you've done on your darling rug and miniature art!

I want to give you a wee little present my dear for being my top follower with 15 visits; wow!~ I'm honored that you have visited me so often! Thanks..,

To claim your gift, just come by to my The Plumed Pen blog , and I will upon receiving your comment; (to let me know you've come by), I will respond and set something up whereby I can send my little giftie to you!..,

Cheers from your blogging friend, Silken Purse

P.S. Hope you'lle join us once again for,"Tuesday Tea For Two".

Tiffany said...

Hi Kim,

It looks fabulous! Fantastic job. :) Casey's idea for the sharpie is excellent. But if you need a color (and can't find a match), I use acrylic paint too sometimes. Either way, just cleaning up those edges makes it look so finished. No one would ever guess that this as your first miniature needlework rug. I'm so glad I could help.

Eva Prunella Grandiflora said...

Hi Kim, the rug is really gorgeous! and what a nice new look for your blog!
I send you a sunny wish for a great week!

Ara said...

This is really lovely Kim!!! I am so jealous of it. I really wish I could stitch like that! Maybe one day I'll have time to learn! haha! Love the setting its in too! -ara

Minna said...

Great work! The rug looks fine and I love the room!

Katie said...

Laughing my butt off over here about the milk cartons! I have several I Can Not get to fold, so do feel bad...I gave up!! Never realized they were so hard to fold, LOL!!!

Love the rug!! The colors look really good together!

Kim said...

Thank you so much everyone! There were times I thought I would never finish! Finishing does make a person excited to try another rug though :) Patricia- I would always help you out if I can- or point you to people with good tutorials- I seem to be saving up a lot of those! Tiffany- good tip! I have lots of acrylic paint, as you can imagine! Eva- I send you sunny wishes too- I have missed you and I am glad you are back :) Ara- hmmmmm, perhaps in the new year we should trade a rug for one of your mansions for a beautiful piece of furniture. I suck at making furniture- which you do so very well! Katie- maybe I am not such a nerd for taking so long to make a milk carton then? At least minis can make us giggle at ourselves:)

The Lone Dollier said...

Thank you for the welcome and the rug is gorgeous! Sadly, I lack the patience to even attempt something like this.

Kudos for hanging in there until it was done!


Debora said...

Missed this lovely rug! Sorry to say so, but time hasn't been on my side (and still isn't). I love the colorscheme, those subdued colors that give it the age it needs. And so well executed.