Sunday, October 4, 2009


I think my cats have the right idea today.  I'm seriously considering joining them- although I have to go pick the hubby up from the shuttle he took  to get down to the airport and back in half an hour, so maybe I'll wait till I get back from that.  It is rainy and cold again today in Minnesota and all the cats are napping.

Here is my male cat Poopie:

Here is one of the females Henry(I thought she was a boy when we got her- I also call her Purr Purr because she purrs constantly)

Here is my other female cat Latte. I found her as a stray at a coffee shop and somehow she came to live at my house. Doesn't she look like a little princess on top of the cushions?

Hope your Sunday is as wonderful as ours!!!  I'm off to get my hubby- he has been gone for a week and I have really, really missed him!!


kathi said... nice to see your kitties!
"Henry" is beautiful! I love calico cats! My son has one. Her name is Kiana. Aren't all calico cats females? I heard that somewhere...
Thanks for your comment and encouragement about my great room!
Hope you have a nice nap! :)

Katie said...

Oh They are beautiful!! Poopie looks like he could be related to Otis, huh!! And Purr-Purr reminds me of the little female kitten we just took in! Latte does look like a princess, I bet she thinks she's one, too! Thanks for sharing your babies with us! I swear, I just couldn't go through life without a cat! :)


Deni said...

Oh they are gorgeous!
I luv cats but I only have one Miss molly, she sure keeps me busy

Kim said...

Thanks everyone! These cats are truly my babies because I have no children. Katie- Poopie does remind me of Otis- whom you know I am madly in love with :) Latte is only about 3 pounds, but she rules everyone in the house- including my husband and I! I cannot imagine life without cats either- I always say that the hubby is the only thing keeping me from being the crazy cat lady :)

sunshine said...

Awww! Your cats are soooo cute Kimmy! I love them all. "Purr Purr"... how cute is that????? :D
*when I say.."how cute is that" it means I'm TOTALLY stealing that name for my cat*... just be warned. :P


Deni said...

I would have lotsa cats if I could when I was young and lived on a farm we had 20 cats !
So Im used to them!
Even though I have 2 dogs Im not a dog person I luv them but won't have them inside they are outside dogs but have lovely dog houses on the back verandah and I play with them 3 times a day at least! I wouldn't hurt them ever, they are lovely too in their own way!

PonderandStitch said...

Awwww! I never tire of cat posts. I just love kitties so much!

Kim said...

Thanks gals! Deni- 20 cats! I would be in heaven I think! My dogs live outside too- they have a really big warm kennel and it gets stuffed with hay in the winter too. They hate being in the house- they keep going back to the door to be let back outside :)
Amy- I never tire of seeing other people's kitties either :)

Dani said...

Your cats are beautiful !! a big catlover as you know !!

Kim said...

Thank you Dani :)♥♥♥