Thursday, October 29, 2009


I'm popping in this morning to say that some of my comments are showing up on blogs and some are not.  I cannot even figure out a pattern to it.  My apologies if it seems if I have deserted or am ignoring anyone- I am just figuring out that it is happening on more than one blog I follow.  One blog I think it might be happening off and on to is my friend Doreen from  Doreen- if you have not had any comments from me I just wanted to tell you that I cannot wait to see your new puppy!  Sometimes blogger is frustrating :)


Doreen said...

Thanks Kim. No I did not get your message but i got it here. I can't wait - She will be ready on Nov. 7. I will certainly be posting pictures.

silk purse said...

Dear, kim. Thanks ever so much for communicating with me via our mutual dear blogging friend, Papillon Bleu!.., That was so very consideratate, sweet and thoughtful of you, and it warmed and touched my heart!.., And no, as I can see is frustratingly at times the case with others at times with blogger, I did not receive your comment either...,

Perhaps you can try again, and then I can send you your wee gifts that I so want to give to you!..,

Cheers from Silken Purse

Kim said...

I hope it corrects itself soon! Doreen- how can you stand the days??!! I am so excited for you!!!
I can't wait to see her:)

Silk Purse- I will try again, but if I cannot get my comments to go through would you please email me at I could not find an email address for you :) I hope you are doing well♥

Melanye K. said...

weird! sounds like a blogger glitch. hope it resolves itself!

Nuri said...

I have a prize for you. Please, pick it in

sunshine said...

Blogger is weird sometimes. :P
Hope that it all gets sorted out!

Just popping in to say hi!! Hope that you are having a wonderful weekend babes!