Friday, October 2, 2009

Can't stop giggling

I have had a really, really long week. Work has been crazy busy and I have a test coming up in school so I have been studying too. My hubby is out of town at a business meeting and every night he has called to brag about how awesome his hotel is, how awesome the food they are eating is, the cool places he has visited. I have tried really, really hard not to be jealous and to be enthusiastic about his fun time- even though a trip to Nashville is on my wish list and I would really have liked to go. Each night his bragging gets a little more intense and "nyah-nyah" like. I giggle at his expense. Tonight my hubby has to go to Fuse Nightclub. Here is the link:

Anyhow...the reason I am giggling:

1. My hubby is 54 years old.
2. My hubby wears jeans and a t-shirt almost exclusively and hates to dress up.(there is a dress code)
3. My hubby does not like music and could not tell you who Lady GaGa, Kayne West, Black Eyed Peas, or anyone like that was. (there is a DJ-which I assume means pop music,not country)
4. My hubby does NOT drink alcohol. Ever.
5. My hubby does NOT dance. Ever.
6. I could beg for a year and the hubby would never go somewhere like this with me.

I guess that he should not have been so nasty about me not being able to come with on this trip. I could have handled this one for him-I would have no problem with Fuse and I love to dance. He could have stayed in his hotel room. Oh- I'm so nasty and mean, but ha ha ha ha ha ha ha - I hope someone takes pictures.

OK-evil Kim is done posting now- nice,sweet Kim will be doing the next post :)


Tallulah~Belle said...

LOL Kin...that's not mean....sounds like he deserves it :-)

You MUST get to Nashville at some point...wonderful, wonderful city. One of my faves in the USA. I'd move there in a minute if it wasn't for the humidity and lack of tech jobs :-(

sunshine said...

I hope someone takes pictures too! LOL
Girl, Nashville should be a place we meet! We could go check out EVERYTHING!!!
Maybe someday eh? :)

Hope he has an awful time... tee hee!

Melanye K. said...

hee hee! giggle on kim ;)

nashville is a cool city. i've been plenty of times since it's only 3 hours away from memphis. there's a lot of fun things to do there!

PonderandStitch said...

Oh my gosh, I think I have some things in common with your husband. I do not dance EVER. I do not drink EVER. Even imagining being in a club like that makes me want to be sick. Seriously!

I'm such a nerd.

Papillon Bleu said...

Keep on smiling Kim!
Men are so childish!!!
One day,you and I will be shopping in London together!JUST you and I!
Tell us all about his evening at the nightclub!
Try to enjoy all the things you wouldn't do if he was around and have fun.Don't forget that you have the house for yourself Kim!!!!

The Carolina Quilter said...

That's funny, Kim! You'll have to tell us how he made out! I'm not into the late night dining/dancing scene myself but I do like my margarita while I watch TV.

Mini Leaps and Bounds

Kim said...

The hubby had a fun time- which really surprised me because he does not like loud pop music. He said that it was fun to watch everyone that was there and to see how other people live- this is so far away from our lifestyle. We are more of the stay home types. I have been very jealous all week though, since this was really one of my dream trips- and he really did call each night bragging about what he did that day. Not telling me about his day- but bragging- there is a difference, believe me. I am glad he had fun though and he says he would love to go back so maybe there is hope for me to go yet. I have not seen him dig out pictures yet....maybe I'll find some when I unpack his bags :)