Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Bernard's House

Last weekend, in between sewing projects, I worked a bit on some stools for Bernard the Bear's house. I am going to make the first floor of his house into one great room with a combo living room area and kitchen. I don't really want to devote room to a dining room, so Bernard is eventually going to have an island with kitchen cupboards on one side and an overhanging counter on the other side where he eats. I started working on stools for the island- even though I don't have the island built yet. I might regret that- we'll see. Anyhow, here is what they looked like before I started- from a 1/2" scale kit of simple furniture.

I cut off the bottoms- because I want them to be stools. I also cut off the arms and trimmed them up a bit. Then I cut a golf tee down and glued that to a small scrap of basswood. After that had dried I glued the golf tee to the bottom of the stool and then I added some paper clay to smooth things out a bit. Now I have to sand them up- whittle at them with the xacto knife to make them match a bit more and decide if I want to go through the process again with one or two more. Bernard likes them so far- but he is reserving final approval until he sees them with the island. He is such a picky bear.


sunshine said...

They look so cute! You're right. Bernard is picky. (he and I have such a bad relationship.) Does he talk smack about me behind my back or what?? ;P
Can't wait to see the island when it's done!!!


Kim said...

Laura, you know I would never allow it! Being picky about his house is one thing, but snarky about my friends and heads are gonna roll! He does want me to tell you he's thinking about leather sofas and a nice rug for his living room- and a flat screen tv too. He's a braggy little bear, isn't he?

You and Cheech on your walk are just too dang cute- I love both of ya!


Claudia said...

They are perfect. Bernard will love them!

PonderandStitch said...

How sweet! They are perfect. Also, I LOOVE the walls in that little cute. :)

kathi said...

Cute little stools! Can't wait to see how you make your island for the kitchen!
Thanks for your nice comments over at my blog too. :)

Kim said...

Thank you Claudia, Amy and Kathi!

Kathi-I'm not sure exactly how I am going to make the island, but I hope to have time to work on it this weekend, so maybe a post next week. We have to pick the apples off the apple tree before it's too late, so I hope I have time for minis!

Melanye K. said...

oh these are awesome. Bernard is one lucky bear!!

Dani said...

Really Cool Kim...he will love them !!