Friday, September 11, 2009

Welcome, New closets, and Bernard of course

I would like to welcome a new follower today. While reading blogs yesterday I stumbled across Lori's blog:

Her dollhouse is exquisite! I love her stained glass windows on her Queen Anne and the craftsmanship on her house is outstanding! I decided I needed to follow her blog and I would like to welcome her to mine. If you have some time go check out her dollhouse- it really is amazing. Thank you for reading Lori!

I have a few pictures to share today. I am still busy working on some things to mail off- but I wanted to tell you that since Bernard the bear received his cake from Patricia at the other day I cannot get it away from him. He has now taken to bed with his cake and says that he may stay in bed with cake until spring. He is a bear- what can I do? I am proud of Bernard's furniture for his bedroom. I made it from one of the furniture kits they were selling with the half scale houses at Michaels. It is the first time I have "kit-bashed" furniture- and I would never have done it without the inspiration of so many of the blogs I read.
I also have some pretty embarrassing pictures of my closet. It is more to show that now one entire wall is closet- eventually it will have doors and be floor to ceiling built in. I had to put our clothes in there since we demolished the old closets to be able to build the new one. Very messy, I know- but the bedroom is a bit of a demolition area right now. You can see at the bottom where we cut the dresser in half and have drawers at the bottom of the closets. The other picture is to illustrate a bit what I mean about demolition zone. When we took the far closet out, the plaster on the back wall began to crumble and fall off. This is what buying an old house is like. Our walls in the entire house were either plaster or ugly 70's paneling. Our bedroom has not changed since we moved here 11 years ago. We have been busy working on all the other areas of the house and just "lived" with the bedroom. It is very exciting to me to be working on the bedroom this winter as I have always hated it and don't spend any time in there except to sleep. I started a quilt for the bed about 20 years ago( yes, I am properly ashamed that I have an unfinished project from 20 years ago- but at least I never threw it out). I dug out my quilt last night to take a photo of it. I am getting back in the car (ugh) and going to the cities tomorrow for a birthday party for my nephew and I hope to buy the supplies I need to finish up this quilt while I am there. We will be working on the bedroom all winter, as my hubby and I like to buy the supplies as we can afford them rather than pull out the credit card. Hopefully my quilt will get finished around the same time as the bedroom does. Maybe I will even get finished before the remodeling. You never know:)


Claudia said...

I have some quilts to finish, too! But maybe now that you're working on the bedroom, you'll be inspired!

PonderandStitch said...

Oh, gosh- that little cake is adorable! And you haven't seen embarrassing closets til you've seen mine- believe me!

Papillon Bleu said...

The Demolishing Zone...sounds like a good title for a film!!!!
Bernard is soooooooo cute on his new bed!Done a good job with your kit!
Big hugs from England Kim!

Katie said...

I agree with Bernard! Why not curl up in bed, with a delicious cake and hide for the winter!

LOL, It took me 14 years to get my quilt done:) Luckily last Christmas, my Momma took it and had it backed, or it woulda never got done!!! As long as you have it done before the closet is done, it will be OK, :)

sunshine said...

Bernard~ you have nothing to be ashamed of man. Don't even think about coming out of that bed until the cake is done and you've slept it off good and proper!
I love his bedroom furniture! You made that yourself from a kit? Great job. It looks really good.

I can see that the closet is coming along wonderfully! I can't wait to see the finished product.
I really wish I could quilt but alas.. I cannot!
Hope you had fun at the b-day parties!!!! Wheeeee!!!

rosanna said...

Hi Kim, congrats for your first teacozy :o)) please show it to us. I use linen with 12#1cm, I do not know how to change in inches... and I also use silk gauze 48#1inch. I hope I have been useful Mini hugs Rosanna