Monday, September 21, 2009

Welcome and Ramblings

I have a new follower I would like to welcome today. Please visit Jolie from:

Jolie is another dollhouse miniature enthusiast (one of my favorite kind of people♥). She has a halloween magic and witches shop that she has just posted that is adorable! I love the little pumpkin out front that she made from paperclay and she has a link to the tutorial she followed too. Jolie is without a camera right now, but is hoping for one as a christmas gift. I am hoping she gets one too- I would love to see more of her miniature world- and the halloween costume she just made! Thank you for reading Jolie!!!

I was selfish this last weekend and I spent most of the weekend working on projects I have in progress. Of course, none of them were actually finished, but I am further ahead on all of them. I was so excited to take some pictures and post them on sunday- until I discovered that I left my camera at work. This works out better anyhow, because I think I shall post a bit of what I accomplished each day this week. Spread it out a bit, ya know- so it looks like I am soooo productive. :) Stay tuned tomorrow for pictures of Bernard the Bear's newly shingled porch roof. Yes- just the porch roof. That is all the shingling I could take in one session. Have I mentioned that I do not like to shingle dollhouse roofs? Hope you have an awesome day- I am back to the reality of the work week and I am not taking it well. I would much rather still be in my pajamas listening to crime tv and making dollhouse minis. See ya tomorrow :)


Ara said...

Me too Kim!! I wish I had done a little more mini-making this weekend but I at least got one swap done! Can't wait to see what you've been working on!! -ara

Katie said...

I don't know anyone that likes shingling!! LOL! But it looks so good when it's done, and you actually feel like youve accomplished something.....until the cat some along and eats it, Hahaha!

I LOVE CRIME TV!! I'm so addicted!!

Papillon Bleu said...

Can't wait to see Bernard again!
By the way Kim, I was very impressed by your last comment on my French blog!!!How did you do that?
Big hugs to you too!

sunshine said...

I'm betting that with Autumn here, Bernard is going to appreciate those shingles on his roof! I can't wait to see them. That does seem like a tedious job. I doubt I would do well with that....

I'm glad that you had such a great weekend!
Yes! Yay Fall is here!!! Whoo Hoo!!!!!


Kim said...

Ara- I cannot wait to see all the entries from the "up from the basement" swap! Oh how I wish play time lasted twice as long as work time :)

Katie- How can you get mad at kitty bite marks when the kitty is so dang cute? I am addicted to crime tv too- makes the hubby nervous sometimes -hee hee

Patricia- Wait till you see Bernard tomorrow! I wish I could say that I was super smart- but I just use the google translator to read and comment on your blog. Sometimes I wonder if it really translate what I write- or if I am saying something very rude in another language and I don't know it! How I wish I could give you a hug in person- you are such a dear sweet person! ♥

Laura- I decorated my house a bit for fall this last weekend and I thought of you the whole time- my "fall" kindred spirit. I don't even mind that my entire backyard is full of leaves and fallen acorns that I need to rake. Ahhhhh.....fall. Bliss ♥ Hugs girlie!!

Claudia said...

Hi Kim! Shingling is something I haven't done yet, but I am going to repair some shingles on my dollhouse, so we'll see how that goes. I haven't seen Crime TV - I wonder if we have it on my cable system? I'll have to look!