Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Welcome and Last Weekend

I have a couple of new followers to welcome today. Please visit these ladies if you have time- they have wonderful blogs. First, there is Victoria from:

I stumbled across her blog and I am amazed at her craftsmanship. Victoria is building a dollhouse from scratch to resemble a traditional Russian tradesman's house. I am excited to watch her progress on this house- I think it is going to be mind-blowing!

I would also like to welcome Muriel from:

Muriel's blog is in french, but there is a handy translator right on her blog so you can read even if you don't speak french (like me- I really should learn another language some day). Muriel has the most beautiful dollhouse miniatures- I am not sure if she makes everything that she has posted, but I think she must make at least some of it herself and it is beautiful. I especially love the little bears in lacey dresses she has a little further back in her blog- they are so pretty and delicate!

Thank you for reading ladies!!

This last weekend I drove home to see my Mom and go to a birthday party for my nephew. It was wonderful because I was able to see all of my nieces and nephews in one trip and I got to hold both new nieces while I was there. One was born the end of June and the other the beginning of August. The party was great fun. I was able to see my grandma too- I have not seen her in a long time and I miss her in between visits. Sunday morning before I left my Mom and I went to the thrift store. I was trying to behave and not buy much while I was down there- but of course a couple of treasures called to me and I could not resist. I bought a set of amber glass jars. I collect amber glass jars- I love to store all the odds and ends in my craft room in them and I have a passion for brown glass. Typical Kim- what most people find ugly I find sooo beautiful. They were a good deal, so I had to have them- no chips or anything!! I also bought two crocheted pillow shams. Six dollars each!!!! You can't buy anything for that price anymore. I am going to slip the gold colored fabric you can see to the side on the picture behind the crocheted part so that the wonderful details stand out better against a colored background. I'll post a picture if it works- I hope I can get to it this weekend. I am pretty excited now to get to finishing that quilt- and get that closet finished! My other picture is of the latest package I finished up. It is all ready for me to take to the post office. Someone out there will see this show up in their mailbox sometime soon. Hope your week is going great!!!!!


Victoria said...

Oh, thank you for such kind words, Kim! I was touched. Thank you for following my blog!

sunshine said...

I'm so happy that you had such a wonderful time with your family! I love holding babies too. They smell so sweet and I just adore all of the little noises that they make. :)

I really like everything that you found. I've actually never seen glass like that before. I think that it would actually work in my house too because I have so much of it painted yellow. The brown would be a nice contrast.

I hope that the pillow shams work out!

Dani said...

Hi Kim , Finally finished my letter to you, have not enough stamps so need to go to the postoffice tomorrow to post it :), so hope you will have it soon !!, the treasure you did find are great, and am glad you had a wonderful time with your family around you, lucky that you still have a grandmother , i lost all mine :( , till soon Kim !! xxx Dani

nikkinikkinikki72 said...

Beautiful blogs you have shown here.
I think your amber glass jars are beautiful and can see why you collect them. I always love what everyone else hates.
The Pillow cases will be wonderful with the gold background. Will look forward to seeing them.
The way you have wrapped up your parcels is wonderful and really creative. I like wrapping parcels up pretty too
Nikki xxx

Papillon Bleu said...

Are you playing Santa Kim?
Anyway, I like the glass jars you've found. You made me laugh when you said you find pretty what most people think is uggly. My first reaction was: "hope not! you like my blog don't you?". He!he!he!
Big hugs from England my dear Kim!

Katie said...

Love how you wrapped those presents! How creative!!! And I love the amber glass~ I happen to collect blue glass....But I think I just like glass:)

Kim said...

Victoria- you are so welcome- I am amazed by your work- I wish I was as skilled. I cannot wait to see your house in progress:)

Laura- MMMMM babies. I wish I could have tucked both of them in my suitcase, but for some reason their parents were too sharp for that. How is Raul's first week going?

Dani- My grandma keeps telling us she still has another 20 years left to live- I hope she is right!!
I have started a letter for you- I need to get myself more organized and get it finished and in the mail- maybe by the weekend.

Nikki- thank you! I love to wrap presents up pretty- makes the gift seem so much more special I think. I am glad a few more people like my amber jars- maybe I am not too strange :)

Patricia- OH MY,NO!! Your blog is beautiful!!! I like pretty things too- don't worry :) I really love your latest doll!! Big hugs to you too!!!

Katie- I have a friend that collects blue glass- it is soo pretty too. I just love the brown color so much- I don't know why! I loved Otis's day today- I think he needs his own fan club- I could be president! Hope you are having a good week :)

Elyse said...

greetings! i'm so happy that you left a comment on my blog. it's so nice to meet new bloggers!

fun to read your post!


PonderandStitch said...

Hi, Kim! (and hi to Dani, above!!)

I need to find some new thrift stores! I haven't found any REALLY nice treasures in the ones around here for a while now. You got some nice things! I love glass jars and have some myself- though most of mine are very tiny!

The Carolina Quilter said...

Glad you got to visit with family and great finds!

Mini Leaps and Bounds

dora said...

It is pleasant to be with family, and also with high chairs, wonder, I adore them.
Congratulations on purchases, is cieto when we find things we like, we seem girls. that is nice.
Thank you for blogs, as us to Emile conocia, but another blog, is also a marvel.
Greetings from Spain. Carmen hugs