Monday, September 28, 2009

Welcome and Jody's Etsy Shop

Happy Monday! I feel like the weekend flew past me again! I meant to turn on the computer and catch up with blogs last weekend and post about my newest mini, but time just got away from me.

First up, I would like to welcome a new follower today. If you have some time please visit Maria from:

Maria loves dollhouse miniatures too. She also has a passion for animals and has the sweetest dogs ever. The dollhouse she is working on right now is quite big- you can see it if you go further back in her blog. She just acquired some amazing furniture for the bathroom, you will see that in her most recent post. Thank you for visiting me Maria- it is very nice to meet you and I look forward to watching your progress on your dollhouse:)

Next, I have to tell you about my latest mini purchase. Jody from

has opened an etsy shop(in fact, that link will take you right to her blog post about it and you can see a much better picture of what I purchased-the color is off on my picture)

I saw the picture of the mountains and the Arkansas river and knew it would be exactly the type of painting Bernard the Bear would buy for his home. It is large for the scale of Bernard's house, but I wanted a BIG picture for his bedroom, and this one is perfect! I love it so much!!!!! Bernard is now sitting in bed eating cake and staring lovingly at his new picture of the river, which reminds him so much of his roots. He is wondering if he can get trout flavored cake. Jody also has other fantatic miniatures listed, as well as an amazing picture for your real house of the North Carolina River in thread. If I could afford it, that picture would be hanging in my real home right now. It is beautiful. Thank you so much Jody for this wonderful picture- I am so very, very pleased with it and Bernard gives it his stamp of approval too. Please visit Jody's shop and check it out for yourself:

Tomorrow I will post some pictures of the closet project. We are still working on the closets, but there are doors now and I am so happy!! I was too late this morning to snap the pics.


Melanye K. said...

ahhh i love the big painting!! (i also love that bernard is sitting on his bed eating cake hahaha!)

sunshine said...

Why is Bernard living my life? Eating cake in bed.. a new picture!
Damn that Bear!!! :)
P.S. Got your card today.. I had a good laugh! I'm behind! I'll get yours out tomorrow!!!!!!

PonderandStitch said...

I just think it is amazing that you can create a whole life with these little dollhouses- artwork style and all! SO cool!

Papillon Bleu said...

Bernard is such a lucky bear!!!
By the way, someone's left a message for him on my blog...

Katie said...

I was so bummed when I saw that this paintin ghad sold....It's beautiful!! But I feel a lot better knowing you and Bernard are the proud owers of it!!

Kim said...

Mellz- Bernard has a small cake addiction! What can I do?

Laura-Bernard does have a good life- he is a bit peeved his house is taking so long to construct though. I keep telling him at least he has a roof- even if it's not shingled!

Amy- I am amazed what you can do with sewing- I wish I was better- I usually hand sew because I get so mad at the machine. You should totally get a dollhouse :)

Patricia- Bernard is in love- he says he would even possibly share his cake :)

Katie- The painting is awesome-right?!! Jody is super talented- I am so glad that I bought it because I think it suits Bernard's house perfectly. Sorry I snatched it out from under you though :(

The Carolina Quilter said...

Kim, I'm so glad you like the painting and glad Bernard is pleased with it as well! Thank you for posting about it and I appreciate all the kind comments!

Mini Leaps and Bounds
Peach Blossom Hill on Etsy

Dani said...

Nice painting ;)..he must be so lucky that you make such a wonderful house for him !!..pretty sure he loves you lots !! xx Dani