Wednesday, September 23, 2009

quilt and pillows

Here are some pictures of the other project I worked on last weekend. I added a piece of gold fabric behind the crochet in the pillow shams I bought. They are huge! I actually have 2 pillows stuffed into each of these- which is great because they are really nice for putting behind your back if you are being lazy and watching tv in bed. Not that I ever do that. LOL. I also cut, ironed and hand sewed a new binding to the quilt. I am not the most skilled seamstress- so things like this binding take me much longer than normal- but I like the new binding- it's chunkier and I took more care with sewing it so it looks a bit more professional. Now I just need to finish quilting it and I will actually have finished this 20 year old project. Anyone else out there have a 20 year old unfinished project? How embarassing! Maybe I can make myself feel better by thinking that a lot of people would have just tossed it instead of holding onto a half finished project for so long. I would like to say that I have been working on more projects, but I have mostly been studying for school- we have a test soon. When I have taken a study break it has been for the season premier of "Heros" and "NCIS" or to sew that blasted dollhouse rug. I hope I will finish that thing before Christmas!


sunshine said...

I will match and beat your 20 year old project miss Kim. When I was in grade 9!!!!! We had a sewing project. A tote bag that we had all year to finish (this was before the semester system came into my school) is still in my Mum's closet to this day... waiting to be sewn together.
So BAM! Beat that!!!

Your quilt looks lovely. I'm so excited for you!!1 Whee!! Love the pillows too. They did work out well, didn't they?

You come, I'll teach you Italian. I must warn you though.. I speak Sicilian which is basically the "ebonics" of Italian.. lol.
And hey.. I'm one quarter Irish so Rock On Sister!!!!


Kim said...

oh Laura, thank you so much for beating me on the unfinished project challenge. I am so relieved to know I am not the only one holding onto something unfinished for so many years. Of course, you did just graduate high school, didn't you- so it cannot possibly be that old. Like my sucking up there??

I wish I could come- I bet you would be a very fun teacher- I wonder if I would learn anything or if we would just spend all our time creating trouble?

The quilt still needs more hand sewing in the "quilting" part- hence the white basting threads you can still see- but my goal is before the bedroom re-do is done and the hubby does not work all that fast so I think I can achieve it. Glad you are feeling a bit better- a big hug to you!!

kibbygirl said...

The pillow turned out wonderfully. It looks great with the gold. The quilt has really nice colours too, it will be worth the time I'm sure :)

Papillon Bleu said...

oh Kim!Thank you sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I have received my beautiful parcel today and it was such a surprise!!!!
I will publish all the photos later on!I have come back home quite late today.
I love evry single thing!!!! it felt like Christmas opening all the bundles!
Thank you! thank you thank you!
You truly shouldn't have spoilt me like this!

Kim said...

Patricia- You are so very welcome. I am glad it arrived ok- I really hope that what I sent tells you just how much I love what you sent to me. I cannot thank you enough- it is amazing how much more my dollhouse means to me when I look into it and see items made by friends. You are a very sweet friend :)

Dani said...

unfinished project ???? ...tell me enough of them...a gnomes house, a fairy house , unfinished doll of felt , unfinished paintings etc..and me thinking i was the only one :)...don't feel lonely anymore !!

xx Dani

Liberty Biberty said...

Yep, Kim, there are plenty of 20 year old unfinished projects languishing in cupboards and under beds around my house - it's not so bad if I can't see them!
And yes, Sylvia's utensil racks are made from paper, unbelievably clever!

Karin F. said...

I'm with Mercedes & Dani. I have a "frustration" drawer where unfinished things live....sometimes never to be seen again.
Lovely quilt! Now aren't you glad you didn't give it to the local rummage sale

Deni said...

That is a lovely quilt I like the pillow shams, the lace is lovely!

20 years..mmm I dont think I have been sewing that long have I??? lol
I just had a peek in my tall boy drawers I think I may have some projects that have been there that long!( note MAY!)
Some crossstitch for example I made 4 and then thought I dont like doing this I am pulling undone more than stitching......
I have a few bags started and a few quilts mmmmm naughty me I luv putering more now... oops! did I say that! I must get going again on those unfinished... UFO's

sunshine said...

I got your card today. Very funny! LOL
Thank you! Yours will be on it's way soon.....

Kim said...

Dani- thank goodness you have unfinished projects too- I knew there was a reason we could get along so well!

Mercedes- I hide my unfinished projects too- can't have the hubby knowing how many of them there are! The utensils are so awesome!! I only guessed they were paper because of the jugs. I guess I need to break down and try messing with paper sometime soon- what wonderful results!

Karin- This quilt definetely fits the frustration drawer- but I think mostly because I did not know enough about sewing when I started it. Perhaps that makes it more special in the end. I am glad I did not give it to the local rummage sale!

Deni- So good to know I am not alone. I'm sure I have not been sewing that long either:)♥