Saturday, September 5, 2009

Papillon Bleu!!!

Thursday I received the most awesome, incredible and generous package from Patricia at !!!! My hubby and I were out of town for a couple of days (we went down to the state fair) and I just had to get on the computer and share what she sent me with all of you as soon as I returned. Some of these pictures are a little blurry- but a couple of them you can really see the wonderful detail and just how incredible the little pastries she sent me are. I could not decide exactly which project to use them in- so I am using some in all three scenes. I put some of the cakes in my dollhouse bakery, some in Bernard's farmhouse (yes, I know the counter is too tall- still in construction) and some of the cakes and smaller pastries, macaroons and cookies in the tea shop roombox. If you have not visited Patricia's blog, please go over and visit her. She makes these incredible mini pastries, she makes the most incredible, cute, sweet dolls and she is the nicest most wonderful person ever. Thank you so very much Patricia- I love all of them soo much and I treasure all of them :)

Edit: I had to come back in here and say that if I was not so tired I would have remembered to tell you that there are perfect little strawberries and orange slices and whipped cream and the detail is so amazing that I wish you could pick them up and look at them yourself. Also, a note to Patricia- I don't think the cake slice looks crooked at all and Bernard says it tastes delicious!!!!


The Carolina Quilter said...

Very beautiful gifts indeed! You are so lucky! Thank you for sharing.

Mini Leaps and Bounds

Katie said...

OH WOW! Such beautiful gifts! I just love all the pink!

Ya know...that counter is really not that much bigger than Benard, maybe he just neeeds a step-stool?


Claudia said...

Oh, they are perfect! What a wonderful gift.

sunshine said...

When I saw them I gasped, literally!
They are so beautiful. I cannot believe that someone makes those.
They look great!!!
P.S. my word verification is bless.. how cute is that!

Mellz said...

how sweet!!!

Papillon Bleu said...

Phew...I thought the parcel got lost...
Thank you very much for your kindness Kim!
It is the first time I actually discover my minis in someone else's dollshouse.Can you iamgine what I feel?
I am pleased to see that Bernard enjoyed his cake!

Big big hugs Kim!

Dani said...

These are so Cool !!...lucky you !! xx Dani

Ara said...

Such beauriful gifts Kim!! Lucky Bernard! -ara