Thursday, September 24, 2009

Mail from The Netherlands!!

Yesterday I received the most wonderful package from my artful penpal friend Dani at

Dani lives in The Netherlands- I think some of my readers already know her. She is the sweetest gal ever and I really look forward to her letters. This time Dani sent me goodies along with her letter and they are fabulous! Dani made a little booklet out of envelopes- handmade!!! It is so beautiful- I really love it. To top that off inside the pockets of the envelopes were goodies for me! Little mirrors and bobbles to use in artwork, a lovely vintage dutch postcard, maps that show me where Dani and her family live(which I love and I am going to send the same back to her- what a great idea Dani!!) and my absolute favorite, a little tag with artwork made by Dani! I love it sooo much Dani- thank you!!!!! I almost forgot- she also included the cutest little day planner for next year too! You are the best penpal ever! I hope you are enjoying the cooler weather as much as I am :)


Dani said...

This makes me smile from ear to ear !! so happy you like it all !!, am always uncertain , will she like it, is it enough, did i put enough stamps on it really happy it arrived well !, i saw the little planner and thought of you..the plants and the birds ! really happy being your penpal :) Hugs & kisses Dani xx

Ara said...

What a cool package Kim!! Its so fun to get things like that in the mail!! -ara

Dani said...

ps Kim, yes it's our doggy , 4 years old called Spook, and he loves to swim ;) xx

Deni said...

Oh what fun to receive such a lovely gift!

sunshine said...

Lucky you! Great stuff. What a wonderful friend. :)


Deni said...

Kim I can't find you email addy to send the album to you
It isn't on your blog!