Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Dollhouses and fall

I have tons of pictures today. First off, we will start with dollhouse stuff. Over the weekend I shingled the roof on Bernard's house. He has been sitting on the roof eating cake ever since. He says he is not coming down until the roof is finished. I hope he has enough cake- I don't think he realizes how long it takes me to shingle a roof. I also decided to redo the border in my kitchen in the flower shop dollhouse. I cut small tiles out of a cereal box and then handpainted them and glued them onto the wall. I see a couple places where I made mistakes, but overall I think it looks better than what was there and I am pleased with it. The last pictures are of my real house. Please keep in mind when you view them that the hubby and I are still working on remodeling our house. There is not one single room that is entirely finished- and you can see in a couple of the pics I am missing light plates and I still have ceilings half painted. Someday it will all be finished. I try to still decorate- if I waited till it was all finished I might never get to decorate for the seasons! The hutch has my dishes on it- I keep these out year round- I have just added the paper mache gourds. My whole house has pumpkins out here and there year round. I just love pumpkins:) I have a little bit more to show you tomorrow so stay tuned :) A special note to my friend Laura---hooooo-raaaay Fall!!!!!!!


PonderandStitch said...

You know, a lot of times I think your photos are of a dollhouse and I can't believe how detailed everything is, and then I realize it's your real house! lol... That happened today. haha

Dani said...

How cool is that !!...really beautiful, and i love your fall decorations !!...i love autumn !!..and pumpkins !! xx Dani...did something dutch already arrived at your place ?? xx Dani

Kim said...

Amy- LOL!! Good point though- I never thought of it before, but I should probably post dollhouse pics and real house pics in different posts :) Thanks!!

Dani- No mail from you yet:( I am excited to get it though- I bet you are really enjoying the fall too! Thank you for the compliments ♥

sunshine said...

Yes! yay fall!!!!!
I love your decorations! They look great. For that matter, I think your house looks great! I don't see anything wrong with it at all. It has wonderful character! Not like the cookie cutter homes out there! I love old farmhouses. You're so lucky. :)
Tell Bernard that I'll be by to join him for some cake... :)
Hey! I love pumpkins too!!!!


Claudia said...

Both houses look great! Happy Fall! I love Bernard sitting on the roof!


Papillon Bleu said...

Bernard's house is cute and yours looks huge!
Happy automn as we say in England!

nikkinikkinikki72 said...

I love your decorations for autumn. But your garden is my fave today. I would so love trees in my garden.
It's a beautiful sight to look out on.
I love halloween and autumn is my favourite time of year.
Nikki xxx

Melanye K. said...

i love fall! both houses are so beautifully done...you're a super star :D