Friday, August 21, 2009


I have some new followers to welcome today. First, I would like to welcome Dora. Dora has 3 blogs:

I am struggling with the translator and I am feeling ashamed that I do not know more languages than English- how I admire my friends and followers from overseas that are fluent in more than just their own language. There are some gorgeous pictures on these blogs- minis and gorgeous paintings- I think I read that Dora (Carmen) is a painting professor. Her blogs are a fantastic treat to visit- and the links!! I could explore for the whole weekend! Thank you for visiting Dora!!

I would also like to welcome Anna from

I am struggling with this translator too. I believe Ana is also on a journey to a healthier and happier/peaceful person. She is a proud grandma and I believe she makes towels and napkins, among other crafts. If this is incorrect Ana, my apologies. Your site is beautiful but I had some problems translating it correctly.
Thank you for visiting me!!

If you have time please visit these ladies and say hello!


Doreen said...

I had trouble with translators too until I found the google tool bar and you can add a translator on to it. It will automatically translate any language you want. It is great.

Kim said...

Doreen- I have to say thank you for this!!!! I have found the google toolbar and translator and I am translating things much easier now! I cannot believe I didn't know about this sooner- so easy! thank you so much for always giving me tips and helping me out- you are a sweetheart!!