Thursday, August 27, 2009

Welcome, nerves and a rug...all in one post!

Hello!! First off this morning I would like to welcome a new follower--Cindy from

I visited her blog hopping over from someone else's blog (love to do that!) and I am truly in awe. Snowfern creates amazing miniature food- and containers for the food also! I love that she shows us her experiments and her recent post about customer feedback made me giggle. She also has an etsy shop at

Please stop by her blog if you have time!

Now, I also have a couple of pictures to show you today. One is of me. I am not sure if it is because I am so very nervous about school or if it is because of all the water I have been drinking, but I am breaking out like a teenager!! Do you think this will make me seem less old at school tonight? Is my body doing me a favor by trying to help me seem younger and fit in? I have to laugh about it because otherwise I would whimper and cry. I have not had acne like this in quite awhile! I also have been working on the dollhouse rug quite a bit. I am working with a pattern that is not fully finished (you are supposed to just finish the other side to match the left side on your own I guess? If I am wrong I am going about this stitching thing entirely wrong and need help!) Anyhow, somehow I think the whole thing is going to be one stitch off at the opposite corner and I am trying to decide if that will bother me, if I should rip things out, if one stitch will even be visible to anyone but me that is making the rug- especially since the end where the stitch is off will most likely be under a piece of furniture. Agh!!! I don't know what to do- I even spent all night dreaming about counting stitches and trying to make it work. I guess this is what I get for showing off and jumping right from a pillow to a big rug! Going to step away from it for a few days and think about what to do- any opinions are gratefully accepted! At least I didn't dream about going to my first class naked all night! Hope your day is great!


Ara said...

The rug is looking great! And I think you'll probably be the only one to notice being 1 stitch off! That's be a lot of work to pull out now! My acne comes and goes with how much water I drink too... its annoying... -ara

sunshine said...

The rug is beautiful and so are you!
I do think the zits take a few years off you though. ;)
I've got a big one, right between my eyes right now. I look 14 ... maybe 15. :)

Good luck tonight! Wheeeeee! I'm so excited for you. I can't wait to hear how it goes.

Papillon Bleu said...

Kim you are so funny! I like it when you talked about your dreams.Made me giggle in front of my screan!
I know everything will be ok and it is normal to be a bit nervous. By the way you look gorgeaous on the pic!
I already knew the blog of your new follower! she is very talnted indeed!

Oh! before I forget, yes, the little parcel was sent to you today.Hope it won't take too long to arrive in Minnesota.
Big hugs!

Caseymini said...

Kim, I am going to be teaching a rug class at the mini museum. If you need help, E mail me.One suggestion. I always tell the students to mark the number of stitches on one long side and one short side with a pencil(outside the edge of the rug). In other words, make a mark going away from the rug every ten stitches on each side. When you are sure that the count is right, draw the line all around. Then mark the center going in both directions. This makes it so much easier to keep from messing up. Don't worry about the pencil line. They won't show unless you are doing an all white rug..... I can tell that you aren't.;-)

Kim said...

Casey, so when you say make the mark- you mean mark the exact places where the edge rug stitch is- so your line is the edge of your pattern, correct? Then mark your center from there? I am betting that would have made things much easier on me! Thank you for that. I wish I was close enough to take your class- I am thinking I was overconfident on this rug, but I will not give up- I am in love with it already and can't bear to quit! I may email you a couple of questions tomorrow though- no hurries with replying- thank you so much for even taking time to help me out!!!

Ara and Laura- Thank you- I'm thinking today I am proud of this acne because it either means I am doing well with the water drinking, or it means at least I am not under the table shaking with nerves! After this first night I will be fine- I hate the unknown!!

Patricia- I am so excited I cannot even stand it--I think I shall be checking my mailbox every single day. I know that your creations are even more amazing in person- I cannot wait to hold them in my hands and hold them to my heart. You are a wonderful friend. Could you read my reply on your french blog or did it not translate right? I love that translator, but wonder if it really is saying what I intend it to. Would be awful if I called someone a name without meaning to!!!

Caseymini said...

Kim, I just sent you a private e mail about how I mark the edges.