Monday, August 31, 2009

welcome and ramblings

I would like to welcome a new follower today. I found this blog while blog-hopping along and I knew I needed to follow her. Please welcome Amanda from

Amanda makes dollhouse miniatures that are to die for! Excellent craftmanship- if you hop over to her blog you can see her latest creation- an adorable tea cozy, placemat and tea and treats. Sooo cute!!! Amanda also has 6 kitty babies, and how can I not love anyone with cats :) Thank you for visiting Amanda!!

In other news, I have a picture of my new "torture" device. My hubby bought me this new Gazelle Trainer to help in my quest for a healthier body. The walking and treadmill has been helping me, but I have to admit that my hip has still been hurting me quite a bit. I hate popping advil all the time, so still trying to solve this in a healthier way. This machine is sort of like an elliptical machine, in that you glide your legs back and forth rather than taking steps and picking your foot up and down. I am here to tell you that it works, as I used it saturday and sunday and each morning it took a bit of moving after waking up to loosen up my muscles. I was a little sore- but amazingly- in my thighs and calves, not my hip! I am hoping this trend continues and I beat this blasted hip pain for good. I also have a picture of my bedroom. I live in a very old farmhouse. Old farmhouses often do not have closets, or not very many. For some reason this house had closets upstairs and none downstairs. The previous owners made a couple of closets in the bedroom- makeshift- and not really placed in the best location. After the dresser was stripped my hubby had the idea that we should rip the old closets out, use the dresser cut in half and make a new built in closet along the wall across from our bed with the dresser drawers as the base. This makes much more sense in the small bedroom we have, and we will actually gain a lot of room, since the closets from the old owners were put up in such a weird way......but it means that my bedroom and living room are once again a disaster area and I probably have a few weeks of construction to live around. I keep telling myself to picture it done when I look at it and not the mess I see now. In this picture you can see he has started to put up the new closet frames, but we are no where near close to having new closets at this point. This is his messy side. I'll show you more as we get further along :) Happy Monday!!


Tallulah~Belle said...

Torture device....LMAO.

Now make sure it doesn't end up as a clothes hanger like most do :-)

I walk a lot outside but this last week has been a killer with temps up to 110 ! Mick was up in MN all week and kept telling me about all the lovely rain he'd been seeing ..never thought I'd be envious of MN weather lol.

I might be coming up myself in a couple of weeks :-)

New closets will be fun :-)

sunshine said...

I have a elliptical (that I never use). The gazelle looks good. I'm glad that it works (so far) for you.
I've been slacking on my walking BIG TIME. At least one of us is keeping it up. LOL

I'm liking what's going on with the new closet! I'm betting it will be great when it's finished. :)

I'm glad you got to see my "funny video's" before I took them down. My kids convinced me that I wasn't as funny as I thought I was so I got nervous. LOL
And no... my admirer looks nothing like Gerard Butler!!! haha :)

Deni said...

Mmm I have one similar to that it is sitting in my hall way! I use it for hanging my ironing! lol
I at first really used it a lot but like most things that call for hard work they are left behind when I discover some new thing to do instead! lol
But I say Go Girl keep up the good work!

Kim said...

I have been on it for a bit every night since I got it trying to up my stamina. It sure hurts less than my treadmill on my hip- so hopefully it won't become a clothes hanger :) It does seem like torture though when I take that first step out of bed in the morning :) I wish I was not so far away from the cities- it would be lovely to meet up, but full time job and 2 1/2 hour drive to the cities makes it harder! Is Mick doing work up here or visiting?

Laura- don't you like your elliptical? That is what I really wanted, but we don't have the money for that right now. This is a pretty good copy-cat though. I loved the elliptical when I went to the gym- until the gym turned into make-up clad models in perfect gym clothes and I decided enough gym for me! (my version of work out is no make up and sweat pants- so you can see where I felt a little out of place) I thought your video was hilarious- what do kids know anyway???

Deni- I am working really hard at sticking with this- of course I have that nagging pain as a motivator and it is a better motivator than if I just wanted to look better. Thank you for the encouragement- you all do not know how much that helps me along!!!

Dani said...

Great the gift from your hubby ;)...very handy for the bad can walk anyway but dry and inside the house...perfect !!...and a old farmhouse sounds wonderful :)

PonderandStitch said...

Ohhh, a torture device!! I want an elliptical machine so badly, but I just can't justify the expense right now. I am so proud of you for really sticking to your plan!!

Oh, and thank you for stopping by my blog!

Kim said...

Amy- this one was only $100. It's not electric- totally powered by your own energy. It's not totally the same as an elliptical- but pretty close for the difference in money- and my legs have been sore so it must work somewhat. I couldn't afford a "real" one right now either :) I had been thinking- I wonder if Amy is ok, she never posts! I feel so dumb!!! Now I shall be keeping up with you though :) Thank you for the encouragement :) I look forward to more posts from your little book - and your beautiful sewing creations!

nikkinikkinikki72 said...

Hi Kim.
I have posted on my blog about Debbie asking her friends if they would like to join in. You can find the info on my blog.
Nikki x

sunshine said...

Kim, I hate exercise so no, I don't like my elliptical. :D