Friday, August 7, 2009

Welcome- and doing the photo challenge again :)

I have a new follower to welcome today--please help me welcome Jaime from

Jaime loves dollhouse miniatures also- looks like she is working on a boutique- she has some incredible jewelry in a case for her boutique posted recently. I love her profile where she says she has more unfinished projects than finished. A person after my own heart- at least I am not alone :) I also instantly love her and have to follow her blog because she has garden pictures. Post a picture of your garden and I am hooked! I look forward to seeing more of her boutique- thank you for visiting me Jaime!!

I am also re-posting the photo challenge because I was tagged by Lena at (her blog is beautiful- if you have never visited you must go over and take a look)

This time I opened the 5th file and chose the 5th picture. (can you tell I like this challenge?) I will again pass this on to whomever wants to do it since it is hard to figure out who has not been challenged yet.

This is a picture of my kitchen. We are still working on this room. My cupboards used to be wood in very poor shape- and not the best wood. It is a really small room and the brown cabinets made it seem like a cave. I made these tin panels to go on my cabinet doors and then painted all the cabinets white with a cream drybrush. Since this picture was taken my wonderful hubby bought me a pretty new microwave to replace this one. Pieces were breaking off this one- it was in pretty bad shape :)


PonderandStitch said...

Very nice! You did a great job with the cabinets..Here is a kind of dark pic of my kitchen:

Kim said...

Amy- your kitchen is gorgeous! Did you refinish your cabinets? They are so beautiful- I am envious!!

PonderandStitch said...

Kim, actually we built this house a few years ago so no refinishing needed! Everything is new (and I don't think I could ever take on such a job as refinishing cabinets like you did!).

sunshine said...

I love your kitchen! I love those counter stove thingys. And the cabinets look awesome!
Just lovely.

Dani said...

she has more unfinished projects than finished. Also a person after my heart ;), same here many things i have to finish....your kitchen looks great !! xx

Kim said...

Amy- it is amazing what you can do when you don't really have a choice :) I hated those cabinets, but no money for new- so dang if I won't fix them myself :) We won't mention that it did take me about 4 months to do- those tin pieces took me awhile! Yours are soooo nice!

Laura- I am not such a big fan of my counter stove- wish I could have a nice big gas stove- but, alas, this is a tiny kitchen and if I had a real stove, I would not hardly have any cupboards! My oven is in the wall too- I do kind of like that because there is no bending to take things out! Also, to answer your question- no truffles inside the box- just an empty box :) If I'm gonna have some chocolate it sure as heck better be in huge version- not mini!! Hugs back at ya girl!!!

Kim said...

Dani- hi!!!! That must be why we get along :) I have enjoyed seeing your work from your workshop! I am very interested to see your lesson 4 progress! You must be having so much fun! Trying to get my letter to you in the mail next week- this week has been crazy!! Hugs!

FabShabbyRoses said...

Oh those cabinets are incredibly awesome.....I love them! Wonderfully unique!